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Matchmaking and ping

KuripiKuripi Member Posts: 5

I noticed that I'm getting matched with a lot of people with 250+ ping and sometimes they drop out probably from desync. Not only that, when the host is high ping for me, I will absolutely get destroyed due to latency because this game, by its very nature, calls for good response times.
Is there any chance a ping filter option can be added?


  • papaiursopapaiurso Member Posts: 13

    I was about to open a discussion regarding this. Since the match making stuff, it's almost impossible to find a decent lobby playing as solo survivor. As killer it's beatiful. Quick lobby and people with a maximum of 180ms. But playing as survivor I have to evade lobby after lobby since almost all of them are +250 ms.
    What happened? I don't remember the game being like this before.

  • SmaxtrSmaxtr Member Posts: 5

    Well I have looked at their Profiles as Killer who had High Ping (Around 250 - 400+) and it seems that we get matched from South America or Africa. And I'm from Europe so something seems a little weird here.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 9,723

    BHVR messed up the matchmaking, take a break until it is fixed again (or should i put it this way: "when they are done using the community as QA/test bed)

  • KuripiKuripi Member Posts: 5
    edited March 12

    I was just playing a match and I got to thinking while I was hooked on the first go, jumped immediately to the spacebar marathon, and instantly failed on a connect around 100 ping: Is hacking for ping spikes a thing in this game? I remember some old shooters forever ago where some people artificially created high ping spikes to avoid and/or delayed taking damage. Here, I think artificial ping spikes could possibly be used to gain certain (unfair) advantage.

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