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SWF Queue Time

Hail_to_the_KingHail_to_the_King Member Posts: 180
So I can find games so fast at all ranks as survivor and killer on PS4 NA. But when I join a SWF group, we wait somewhere between 15 to 40 minutes on average just to get into a game. The more people in the queue, the longer it takes. I love this game but my friends and I only played 4 games in the span of 3 hours today because we waited in queues for so long. It's getting hard to keep playing with friends which is a very fun part of this game. Our ranks are not far apart at all either. We try resetting the queue and taking turns hosting to try to fix this problem but it just can't be fixed. We normally play around 12pm to 3pm est time then again around 12am to 2am est time. Both times have long queues. I do NOT believe there's a shortage of killers. PS4 has a ton of players on both sides. I would love to see some improvement on this. Thanks.


  • sliptteesslipttees Member Posts: 785

    wait 2 hours no game! Better lobby simulation ever!

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Why do you doubt there's a shortage of killers, exactly?

  • rafajsprafajsp Member Posts: 414

    I stopped to play almost a month ago but i keep coming to forums.

    Killer problems:

    No rewards, no incentive, bully swf teams you know ...

    All in all game is dying on console because people are tired of false promisses and crap optimizations.

    As a killer main i never refused a swf but im done ... the stress is not worth.


  • JLewJLew Member Posts: 160

    Even solo games at rank 1 is more than a 5 minute wait for 1 game abd rarely play because of killer dc or surv dc...you need servers now! Or you will lose all your people before they even get up and running

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