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Made it to Rank 1 Killer

darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

This isn't about how easy or hard killer is, this is just sharing my experience.

It's been awhile since I played killer I decided to dust off my killer account and go from rank 20 to rank 1. Took about a week. I didn't use bbq/chili nor ruin (because I did not have them), but I used huntress and her lullaby hex.

The white, green and purple ranks I went through pretty steadily. I often even let upwards of two people go, sometimes three with a disconnect after I chased and hooked each twice - and still racked up a ruthless rating. I didn't camp nor tunnel - though if I happened across the injured unhooked I would often just slug them to keep them out of action for awhile longer while I hunted for others.

I hit a wall at red rank 3, hard. Every pip I gained over two days was taken in the next match. I was facing swf and crazy good loopers more often. I was regretting giving up those merciless pips in earlier trials. It felt 50/50 between an swf that played normally, meaning they didn't seem to do any better than solos (but there were packs of great solos too), and highly coordinated teams you know were relaying information constantly about when to makes saves, which gens to do, where me and my hex was, etc. Those were nearly always a loss for me and I even felt forced to hard patrol hooks at the last few ranks, though I did that to get a shot at the saver over the unhooked. Still, I had to turn up my strategy to play more ruthlessly and there was no catching a great looper. I could at least identify them early and just go after the gen jockeys, but in a few trials they were all great loopers and there was nothing for it. Again I had some edge as huntress able to shut down some loops, but I can imagine how rough it gets with the majority of other killers.

It was brutal but I managed to get a series of trials last evening where I eventually made it to rank 1. It indeed felt like work, but a more satisfying accomplishment than rank 1 survivor.

The most annoying thing was not the swf though, but having my hex destroyed early in a trial. Often the hex would spawn on the other end of the map from your start and you knew survivors were already on it. Once destroyed it meant I had to scramble through the rest of the trial to make any progress. The lullaby can be more devastating than ruin when fully charged in my opinion, but you need to get hooks to power it up and it's still a hex. Even with it powered up, sometimes survivors were just good at focusing and gens could pop pretty quick, but it was fair to say it was also more than once with one gen left to go that my hex was miraculously still up and fully charged I was able to turn things around. Pretty sure I would of had much more success, even against swf, had the hex been more robust. Those gens can get done pretty fast without any protection and you cannot watch gens while chasing survivors. You need to down survivors to progress.

There surprisingly wasn't any salt at all after trials. One trial they joked asking each other if anyone saw the killer (even though I had hooked each of them at least once and two were on death hook) and in only one was I called a camper, but they were swarming the hooks all trial and I didn't feel any need to respond to anything said. Most of the time it was just gg or thanks if I let them go. I also didn't do any hatch standoffs - if we got to it the same time I would just let them have it or if I could not find them I just stayed away from it til they left. Just because it was boring to do otherwise.

But not gonna lie - there was a lot of chance involved if I did well in a trial or not.


  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154

    Good job my friend. I reached rank 1 playing most killers on rotation, the match that got me to rank 1 was a 4k with Pig. I had Hex: Ruin only on Hag. I'm really proud of myself :)

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