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New teaser and killer reveal!

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- the video of his power

Smoke from the teaser is actually a smoke from his cigarette.

**"The Russian Dovakhiin"**

The Power:

IDI (イディ) NA (・ホ) HUI (イ) - the Russian Dovakhiin charges his Shout, then stuns survivor (or throws him) for 3s/6s/throw and 4s stun. The stun time is proper to the time of the charge.


CY (ブラ) KA (イ) BLYAT (ト)- You insist great fear among the survivors. Every time you got pallet slammed, you shout CY (ブラ) KA (イ) BLYAT (ト), making the survivor scream constantly for 3/6/9 seconds.

_Stop hittin' him, you damn gopniks! - Slavic Benedict shouting at his fellow survivors._

RU (ル) SH (シ) BI (ビ) - Your devotion do the Entity, and the Greycykas fills you with power. Everytime the survivors complete the generator, you shout RU (ル) SH (シ) BI (ビ) get 10%/20%/30% speed boost for 20/30/35 seconds.

_Oy blin, believe me, this is a good tactic! - Vlad persuasing his teammates._

GET (水) VOD (を得) KA (る) - The thirst is your greatest enemy. Everytime when you hang survivor on the hook, the Entity rewards you with the bottle of ~~vod~~ HEALTH POTION, making you do actions 10%/15%/20% faster for 30/40/50 seconds.

_Cyka blyat, where is my vodka, Dimitri?!_ - _Dovakhiin calling for his drink_

The Weapon: his weapon of choice - broken bottle of his favourite drink.

Appearance -

His favourite outfit - the polyamide armour, necklace and ring of power, and of course, the cat-swift runners.


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