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A "favourite" button for characters or a way to order them

There's going to be too many characters at some point if the game keeps on releasing so many DLCs and the list will have a huge scroll. We all have favourites and others that we don't plan to play at all, but still buy them so instead of being at the end of the list they're all scrambled.

I would hope for there to be some kind of way to add characters to "favourite" or click and drag them to the top of the list.


  • lordkazlordkaz Member Posts: 14

    I would like the ability to save builds too. For instance if you have a few different builds you tend to run with one character, being able to save them as presets would prevent you from having to replace everything is its slots all the time.

  • ghostkiller666ghostkiller666 Member Posts: 85

    top, i agree, favorite characters or most used historic or last used character; + (must have) the option to save some builds of perks.

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