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A guide to playing "The Shape" aka: michael myers

deathsiadeathsia Member Posts: 250


As someone who has played The Shape more than any other killer in Dead By Daylight, I figured that making a guide would help newcomers to the killer play him better. This guide is for newcomers and veterans alike. I won't be going over his perks as most of "The Shape's" default perks really aren't that great plus aren't really required but are helpful somewhat.


The Shape's power as you most likely know is "Evil Within".

tier i

  • Tremendously reduced Terror Radius (6 meters).
  • Slightly reduced Movement Speed (105 %).
  • Slightly reduced Lunge.
  • Normal Vaulting Speed (1.7 seconds)
  • Grants immunity to detection Perks.

In this tier, you may think your practically undetectable...WRONG! This is a new player's BIGGEST MISTAKE they can make by assuming this. Lower ranked players may be caught off guard by you in this tier quite often but in later ranks, a skilled survivor has 360 degrees awareness of their surroundings while working on a generator.

NEVER ASSUME that the survivor you are stalking or sneaking up on has no idea you are there. Chances are, if you're able to stalk them for more than 5 seconds, they're baiting you into a chase. Does this mean you should stop stalking them and begin the chase? It depends on the situation but more on that later.

In most cases you'll want to get out of this tier as soon as possible since you're at a disadvantage in any chase.

tier ii

  • Moderately reduced Terror Radius (16 metres).
  • Normal Movement Speed (115 %).
  • Normal Lunge.
  • Slightly increased Vaulting Speed (1.5 seconds).

In this tier, most times you'll want to abandon any hope of sneaking up on a survivor as they will know your coming and simply use this tier to keep pressure on the generators and chase survivors while slowly building up your EW to Tier III. This is the tier you will spend 90% of the game in and since this is a guide on how to play The Shape, I won't lecture you on how to patrol generators or do most things a killer should do during a normal game as you most likely already know these things.

Tier iii

  • Normal Terror Radius (32 metres).
  • Normal Movement Speed.
  • Slightly increased Lunge.
  • Attacks deal double damage.
  • Lasts for 60 seconds (default).
  • Moderately increased Vaulting Speed (1.3 seconds).


In this tier The Shape gains the ability to instantly down any survivor, this tier has a limited time it will remain active, so use it wisely! You'll want to rank up to this tier during chases and as I said above, only when you have an all but guaranteed hit on a survivor.

Ranking up to this tier can also be used to scare any survivor with brain-cells away from a nearly finished generator as well if you're desperate to protect those final unfinished generators but you shouldn't waste a rank up on this with the exception of dire situations as the moment they hear you rank up they will fly like a bat out of hell to get as far from you as possible!


The Shape's addons affect the terror radius his EW Tiers II and III have, His mirror fragment addons which grant him the ability to see a survivor through walls he has stalked for x number of seconds for about 2-5 seconds depending on the addon, and the rate at which his EW tiers charge.

The Shape has too many addons to mention here but I will tell you which ones I recommend from best to situational along with ones I DO NOT recommend unless your HIGHLY SKILLED with The Shape:

best addons:

Hair Ribbon:

  • Considerably increases the duration of Evil Within III.
  • Slightly increases the amount of evil required to reach Evil Within III.

Great for keeping pressure on survivors for those lengthy chases where survivors are trying to bait out the timer on your EW III.

Mirror Shard:

  • Evil Within II reveals the Aura of Survivors who have been stalked for at least 1 second.
  • Aura stays visible for a duration of 5 seconds.

Great for those elusive survivors who think they've gotten away after you've stalked them while in a chase. If your lucky, you can catch them off guard from behind! XD

Dead Rabbit:

  • Moderately decreases the Terror Radius of Evil Within II.
  • Moderately increases the Terror Radius of Evil Within III.

Great for a player wanting to maintain a mostly stealthy gameplay style. They'll still know you're coming but will have far less of a warning than usual which will give you a good chance of catching them off guard for a quick hit or downing an already injured survivor.

situational addons:

Vanity Mirror:

  • Evil Within II reveals Survivors' Auras when stalking within a range of 16 metres.
  • Evil Within cannot progress past TIER II.
  • Slightly reduces movement speed.
  • For each Hit Score Event, grant 100 % Bloodpoints for the Hit Score Event in the Brutality Category and an additional 150 %Bloodpoints in the Deviousness Category.

Great for farming bloodpoints and tracking survivors but due to the speed decrease you'll have a hard time keeping up with them during a chase until bloodlust kicks in. :/ I recommend only using this addon in combination with the Dead Rabbit for players who prefer a stealthy playstyle.

Tombstone piece:

  • Kill healthy or injured Survivors with Evil Within III.
  • Disables the ability to stalk with Evil Within III.
  • Killing a Survivor considerably drains the power of Evil Within.
  • Considerably increases the amount of evil required to reach Evil Within III.

ONLY USE in combination with the Judith's Journal Addon and tunnel your obsession until near a full charge. Otherwise your odds of getting to kill a survivor are very low. :(

skilled "THE shape" users only:

Judith's Tombstone:

  • Unlocks the ability to kill healthy or injured Survivors with Evil Within III.
  • Disables the ability to stalk with Evil Within III.
  • Tremendously increases the amount of evil required to reach Evil Within III.
  • Moderately decreases movement speed.

ONLY USE in combination with Judith's Journal, tunnel your obsession until you can't earn anymore EW, and save tier III for when you are in a chase, have rank II or higher bloodlust, and have an all but guaranteed strike on the survivor.

You will STRUGGLE to catch anyone with this addon, just a fair warning. Your best bet is to avoid direct chases and catch survivors off guard for quick kills. This will be difficult in itself due to your high terror radius which is why I suggested only ranking up when in a chase.

DO NOT USE WITH ANY OTHER ADDONS THAT INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF EW REQUIRED TO RANK UP TO TIER III!!! You will NEVER attain Tier III before the exit gates are powered and most likely not even then!

Fragrant Tuft Of Hair:

  • Unlimited duration of Evil Within III.
  • Tremendously increases the amount of evil required to reach Evil Within III.

ONLY USE in combination with Judith's Journal, tunnel your obsession until you can't earn anymore EW, then stalk other survivors to get Tier III as soon as possible!

DO NOT USE WITH ANY OTHER ADDONS THAT INCREASE THE AMOUNT OF EW REQUIRED TO RANK UP TO TIER III!!! You will NEVER attain Tier III before the exit gates are powered and most likely not even then!


In this section I will go over the playstyles "The Shape" players can employ and give advice on how to play them, what addons to use, and the best methods to keep pressure on survivors.

the ghost:

Recommended Perks:

Spies From the Shadows, Deer Stalker, Nurse's Calling, Monitor and Abuse

Your goal with this playstyle is to make survivors [BAD WORD] their pants as you come out of nowhere and either grab them off a generator or stab them with your lovely little friend "mister pointy". XD

For this playstyle I advise the use of the Dead Rabbit and Mirror Shard/Vanity Mirror addons.

For most of the early game you'll want to stay out of survivors sight while you slowly build up your EW but don't rank up to Tier II from the get-go because once you do it becomes alot harder to sneak up on survivors. Once you have enough EW stocked up that you're ready to rank up anytime begin sneaking up on survivors who are working on generators.

There's a good chance you'll yank them off and get a free grab in the early game in Tier I. Once one or two generators are powered, its now time to up the ante and proceed to tier II. This is so you can keep pressure on survivors/make them panic and run at the sound of your heartbeat.

At this stage in the game you'll want to rely much less on catching survivors off guard for a quick grab and more on tracking their movements with stalk to surprise them from around the corner post-chase.

You'll be doing alot of chasing during this stage of the game and your primary goal here is to lull the survivor you chased into a false sense of security thinking they've lost you(they've stopped running and are sneaking about) as you sneak up from behind and stab them. :P

unrelenting killer:

Recommended Perks:

Distressing, Make Your Choice, Overcharge, Tinkerer

This playstyle is built to keep constant pressure on survivors, never giving them a moment to feel they are safe while you build your EW up to Tier III for the kill. :)

For this playstyle I recommend The Hair Bow and J. Myers Memorial addons.

From the very beginning of the game, your goal is to get to Tier II EW as quickly as possible so you can chase survivors and keep pressure on them while continuously stalking them to build up your EW. Once you're sure you can activate EW Tier III on demand, choose your victim, chase them down, pop EW Tier III once your right behind them and down the sucker!XD

Rinse and repeat on all survivors. ;)

You're already dead...:

Recommended Perks:

Spies From The Shadows, Brutal Strength, Nurse's Calling, Blood Warden (Or Whatever you want)

This is a VERY ADVANCED playstyle and shouldn't be attempted by players new to "The Shape". Your goal with this playsytle is playing for the end game and then murdering each survivor as they rush to fix that last generator or power those exit gates.

The Judith's Tombstone and Judith's Journal addons are REQUIRED for this playstyle and are not optional if you want to have a chance at killing the survivors in the end game.

For this playstyle your goal IS NOT to chase and hook survivors but to stalk them as much as possible to build up your EW to tier III as quickly as possible starting with your obsession. DO NOT waste time hooking a survivor unless a hook is literally right next door to the survivor you've managed to down.

If you manage to down survivor and a hook is not literally right next door, SLUG THEM and wait for their friends to show up to heal them while you stalk the one or more survivors who showed up. If you've hooked them, stand a fair distance away and wait for a survivor to come a rescue them, stalk the two or more of them, and resume normal gameplay.

Chances are they will have 3 or 4 generators powered by the time you've managed to get enough EW to prepare for Tier III. Once you have enough EW to activate Tier III at anytime, choose a survivor(preferably one you can no longer gain EW from), get into a chase with them and once you know you have them within strike range, trigger Tier III, and stabby, stab, stab them! 😈

Repeat for all remaining survivors but beware that they will avoid you like the plague now with the knowledge you can kill them. Your best bet is to patrol the remaining generators in hopes of finding a survivor but there's a good chance they will avoid the generators until your EW goes back down to tier II.

The good news is that you're EW Tier II won't be completely drained once it depletes back to that tier. Use this knowledge to your advantage and resume the stalking strategy while maintaining high pressure on the remaining generators.

Once you have enough EW to trigger tier III again, abandon your patrol once you find a survivor, tunnel, and kill them as quickly as possible since by the time you do they will most likely have the exit gates powered. You're now on a timer, both figuratively and literally as your remaining Tier III is ticking down and the survivors will beeline for the escape the moment the exit gates open since they know you can kill them with Tier III.

If you lose the survivor during the chase at this point, beeline for the exit gates, DO NOT attempt to find them as you do not have the time to waste hunting them down and the exit gates will most likely be powered by now. If you didn't trigger Tier III, WAIT until you are within range of a survivor who is either unlocking or running for the exit, and trigger Tier III for a quick last second kill.

If you're lucky, a survivor may be dumb enough to taunt you right on the edge of the exit thinking you'll just smack them into an easy escape... I LOVE IT when they do this...😈 It makes it all the more sweeter when you suddenly tier III, grab, and kill them right in front of the exit. XD

The salt in the post game chat from those kinds of players is enough to power a salt factory!

This strategy will net you 2-3 kills per game on average if you're skilled enough.

With that said, I certainly hope you find my guide helpful and remember, have fun!


  • GrandkuramaGrandkurama Member Posts: 268

    I think you did a pretty good guide SO FAR

  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340

    Thank you so much. :)

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,901

    Very detailed, good job

    I prefer tier 1 for all game (mostly just 4 fun), if your not wasting time with stalking and staying out of LOS or using its breakers, even good survivors get caught. Granted it can't always work but its definitely fun.

    Would definitely use your advice competitively though.

  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340
    edited March 2019

    You cant lunge very well in tier 1 even with the add on. That's why I don't like it. I use lunge too much.

  • Mr_MyersMr_Myers Member Posts: 422

    Play with your food is absolutely god like for tombstone builds. You don't lose tokens upon a mori so getting the 3 stack will guarantee a mori, even with fragment if you want to go that far.

  • Condorloco_26Condorloco_26 Member Posts: 1,714

    Nice! Hadn't read this thread before.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    How does mirror shard work??

  • GrandkuramaGrandkurama Member Posts: 268

    A large and sharp piece of a broken mirror.

    • Evil Within II reveals the Aura of Survivors who have been stalked for at least 1 second.
    • Aura stays visible for a duration of 5 seconds.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    So it only activates when you hit EW2? That's trash.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    Wait is it a one time thing when you hit tier 2? Or all the time?

  • AzurAzur Member Posts: 1
  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    @Azur I know how to play Mike, just don't understand that one addon.

  • CrazewtboyCrazewtboy Member Posts: 937

    I have to note, there is other add-ons that you can use with the tombstones. J Myers Memorial will increase the amount of stalk you earn from everyone instead of JUST your obsession which will make it easier to get to your tier three. This is the optimal add-on to run with the tombstones or the tuft of hair. Also, you can run both Tuft of Hair and Judith's tombstone together, but I only recommend it if you know a good bit on how to play Michael. You must know how to use the add-ons effectively in order to get the 3 or 4 kills with that combo

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    @deathsia Very nice guide, thanks! I find it ironically funny that you use Laurie Strode as your profile pic :-D

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    Running Tuft of hair with judiths tombstone is extremely risky even for good players. If you get optimal survivors they'll be out the gates before you reach it Also you probably won't make many bloodpoints or pip up even if you manage to kill all 4 because of how the ranking system is. It simply does not reward you for playing well with tombstone myers despite the fact that it can be very difficult.

    The only reason to play tombstone myers is because of how incredibly satisfying it is to just grab a survivor and kill them.

  • eddie_duckman9eddie_duckman9 Member Posts: 8

    I mostly agree with this but i think that fragrant tuft of haif would go better with j.myers memorial

  • Wolff_BringerWolff_Bringer Member Posts: 88

    When im allowed to say something to this guide.

    This guide is just for playing tier 3 Myers.

    I play him a lot too and i have to say, i stay tier 1 for the first generator because even on high ranks, if you know how to grab someone while in stealth, tier 1 is the tier im getting the most hooks in the early stage of the game. later when the chases start, of course i need to go to other tiers because myers is on tier 1 way to slow.

    Most important thing about tier 1 - Dont go on open fields and try to SNEAK UP on them. Not right in front - IF you COULD see them when leaning out of cover they WILL see you, since you are way more bulky than any tree on the map.

    Never hide behind a tree, they will see you.

  • shingouki121shingouki121 Member Posts: 10
    edited July 2019

    So we just not gonna mention SSGSS Myers.

    Tuft of hair, judith's tombstone

    Hex ruin (brutal strength if you have the balls)

    Play with your food


    Fire up

    Scariest build in dbd.

  • xxiStezzyxxiStezzy Member Posts: 14

    I'd say use J Myers Memorial Add on, and Memorial Flowers. You'll be able to stalk SUPER fast

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