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Map RNG fix

RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,258

It is a common issue, that Coldwind maps and the rest of the original ones are the most common, almost all of my games are Coldwind, with the exception of seasonal Swamp and Pallet Heaven. So to fix this issue, that most of us have, I present the new map system. Right now it looks like this:

To simplify, let's say there are 3 realms - Farm (5 maps), McMillan (3 maps) and Swamp (2 maps). Each of the maps has 10% chances to appear, so actually the Farm, which has the most maps, has 50% chances, McMillan has 30% chances and Swamp has 20% chances. You have 50% chances to appear on Farm, despite the fact there are 3 realms, so each of them should have 33% chances to appear, am I right?

Real facts - there are currently 12 realms, 26 maps in total. 15 of them(!) are just Farm, McMillan and Autohaven, which are ~57,7% of all maps (so you have 57,7 chances to appear on said maps), let's add to it hated Swamp maps (2 maps = ~7,7%) and Asylum (2 maps = ~7,7%). Those realms combined have ~73,3% chances to appear. Is it fair, that the rest of the realms (7) have a mere ~26,7% chances to appear? Personally I'm sick of playing on those 73,3% of the maps (well, I like Chapel map though), and I would like to have a chance to play on Yamaoka, on Ormond, on Meat Plant or even on Haddonfield, but the RNG kills me, and many of the people. I see Cronfield 24/7, which is the realm I hate the most, really. It is time to fix it.

And there goes new system:

To simplify, again, let's say there are 4 realms - Farm (5 maps), Swamp (2 maps), Yamaoka (1 map) and Asylum (2 maps). According to the old system, there would be 50% chances to appear on Farm, 10% on Yamaoka, 20% on Swamp and 20% on Asylum. But no more! New system would take every realm as a whole. So what does it mean? This!

Farm - 25% chances to appear (5 maps)

Yamaoka - 25 chances to appear (1 map)

Swamp - 25% chances to appear (2 maps)

Asylum - 25% chances to appear (2 maps).

12 realms, so every realm has 8,(3)% chances to appear. Now let's say that RNG took Farm realm. What now? There are 5 maps! It is simple - system would give every map (5) an equal amount of chances to appear, so every map would have 20% chances to appear in the game.

This way the system draws a realm, and then draws a map from said realm. No more Farm 24/7, no more McMillan 24/7 and no more Autohaven 24/7!


PS. Don't even get me started on offerings, which are broken and unfair.


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