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Why does everybody hates the killer



  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 863

    DbD breeds a lot toxicity. The gameplay kinda gives people a ground who like to humilate others and besides that there is a lot frustration that causes people to be very salty. Especially if something doesn't go the way they want it to be.

    And there is really nothing I can say how to deal with it better. Even though I know it's just game sometimes certain things get me and I really have a bad time. It kinda helps to get more into a lesser intrigued mindset. Experiment more with different builds. Meme around and just try to stay nice, because in the end of the day I feel like people are kinda kind to you too.

    And one word about the Doc. I sometimes don't like to go against him, mostly how bad a game can be as soon you hit some technical issues like lags and also he is the only killer that can cause my FPS drop in the game for me. Also Doc can unnecessary lengthen a game sometimes. But stealth is possible and you can deal with him.

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    I played today a round with a doctor.
    They pallet looped me, teabagd and then i camped seens pretty earned.
    but then they began to bully me in the chat.
    Why are the survs so salty and why arent they get banned or some sort of other punishment

    1_Face camp the survivor who tbags you.
    2_after the game ends don't mind the chat and if you want to be real nice just type gg and get out .
    3_never quit the game because survivors tbag you and they get to escape as we all know survivers are op .
  • Saphira344Saphira344 Member Posts: 10

    I do not hate killers, they are a valuable and necessary part of the game, without killers we have no game, i uset to hate getting camped and tunneled because it felt unfair that my game went by so fast and it wasn't fun. But now i relise with all the loopers and toxic suvivers they have little to no choice. I don't hate killer, i don't like getting camped or tunneled but i understand it. Some of my closet friends are killer mains, i am a suvier main yet i listen and hear what they say. Normaly though if i have the chance to leave and i see that the killers been looped or had people be complete brats to him ill try and let him hook me. And then when i explain why at the end, i normally end up getting attacked as well as the killer. People i fear do not understand that killers are REQUIRED that without them we do not have a game, we need to have killers to be able to have even a little bit of fun. We all need to work on it but it is basically impossible if one side will not change.
    And at times i fear suvivers don't relise killer is a living breathing person behind the screen.

  • TeambossFlozeTeambossFloze Member Posts: 1,260

    I think they should remove the post game chat entirely tbh - we don't have it on PS4 and when playing it on PC I rarely find anything good comes out of it. Also If you get abusive PSN message you just report them to PSN and they are pretty good at mute banning people

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