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The Plague is underpowered and here's why:



  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,031

    Since the fountains are so quick and easy to use, it isn't even mildly oppressive as is. My only issue the loss of altruism points for survivors and chaser emblem points for the Plague.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,280

    I'd like this. Honestly the broken status is completely worthless and pointless when they can just insta heal at the fountain.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688

    yeah the scoring needs to change. You never get to heal against the plague. on top of this they want to make it harder to pip anyway.

  • MhhBurgersMhhBurgers Member Posts: 1,776

    Let's nerf SB but all future killers give you an option to either not heal or to heal

  • feechimafeechima Member Posts: 536

    Thank you for being open with us about your intentions in regards the latest killer. I, for one, am glad there is no rush to buff/nerf her.

  • Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 927

    Hello Janick!

    About the legion, Where are the changes that said they were going to review it? Are you still testing with him? Or ... do you think it's "ok"?


  • Claudette_BaguetteClaudette_Baguette Member Posts: 377

    Oh man yeah, I got so little altruism points each match because everybody just heals at fountains all the time... Horrible design if you ask me.

  • godrengodren Member Posts: 141

    yes she is underpowered. i think if survivors are infected their repair speed should be decreased as well.

  • kaister901kaister901 Member Posts: 47

    She is definitely not top tier for sure but I wouldn't say she isn't fun. Definitely a mid to lower tier killer.

    But fun mechanic with the puke attack. True being sick does nothing.

    Her perks are alright to be honest. Forcing survivors to go to the middle gens at the start but kinda nerfs itself because once they pop the closer gens. The last gens are far apart... you cannot rely on a bottle neck at end game to corner them.

    Trying to be in sync with the developers goal for a killer.

    If they want fun, I think they did a ok job with the fun factor. Puking everywhere.

    Being a strong killer. Definitely not. Very susceptible to getting looped.

    Also her attack range feels some what short. Like even the lunge doesn't feel like a lunge lol or maybe it's just the animation?

  • kaister901kaister901 Member Posts: 47

    Well 20 seconds isn't really much time bought for the killer. I can't possibly be infecting every single gen. If I am in a chase. It's more likely one gen has been infected for 20 seconds and chases usually last longer than 20 seconds unless you are playing a good nurse.

    So it isn't really that OP.

    I do however as a killer main must say and hate saying...the red add on is broken lol.

    It's pretty much wall hack with how often the surviors puke when sick. I love it but since it's more likely that survivors are gonna raise this concern. I will just put it up there. The red add on is gonna get nerfed for sure.

  • kaister901kaister901 Member Posts: 47

    Yes like Freddy's dream state.

    Getting sick isn't really a worry when I played survivor. If I am a good survivor. I am already able to play through an entire game injured without much worry. It only really makes it hard for new survivors. They might feel the immediate need to heal up.

    As long term survivors. Not really.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249

    I think any decent player has played through an entire match injured, but how many havn't? why is self care meta? because people HEAL themselves.. why do they heal? obvious answer.

    She gives everyone who doesn't cleanse themselves the injured state, thus being 1 hit down, no burst of speed cause they don't need to be hit twice, happen to be on that unsafe gen that needs doing? or in an unsafe area due to pallets being used? you are probably going down.

    Lets put it another way, how many players run no mither every single game? you're quieter, you don't bleed, and you can get up from the dying state.

    The times i've seen no mither users go down first, is pretty much every single game i've seen them in, they are more likely to do first aswell, if they do survive, they have hid out and the rest of the team has basically carried them to the finish line.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249

    ffs buggy forum, now i have to retype this.

    Sure, any half decent player has survived the majority of the game injured at one time or another, but how many havn't? why is self care even "meta"? because people HEAL themselves, and why do they do that? pretty obvious answer.

    If you do a save injured one of you is going down, probably both. You can't hide out at the local loop forever unless you're a scummy arsehole waiting for the hatch.

    Put it another way though, how many no mither users are there? that use it every single game? Not alot, if any? the amount of times they go down first and even die first is countless, if they do survive they've been carried by the team while they hid in a corner somewhere.

  • wurzelbartwurzelbart Member Posts: 62
    edited March 2019

    And that is the thing.

    Despite what many may say, regardless of what numbers they would change on her, she CAN - by design - never be a top-tier killer like Nurse, Billy or Huntress. Simply because she lacks the mobility and/or range those three have. In order to get a similar amount of map pressure, they would have to change her in ways the devs will never take into consideration.

    That being said, yes, she IS a lot of fun to play. And that's why it would be so incredibly disappointing to see her being placed somewhere around Freddy/Wraith/Pig. Because you would always have to choose between playing a killer that is fun to play OR having a real chance for a 3- or 4k even at rank 1. It would just be so sad to see her being flushed down the same path as Freddy. :/ I'm very aware she can't be top tier, but it would be nice to see her at least on upper mid rather than lower mid.

  • SprinklesSprinkles Member Posts: 249
    edited March 2019

    I remember Huntress was considered awful on release, i'm not sure what folks were smoking back then to think that, but they are at it again.

    Hell for the Spirit people were wanting blood along with the track marks.

    Edited so i don't get banned by a mod again, LoL.

  • MhhBurgersMhhBurgers Member Posts: 1,776

    Spirit even with seeing trackmarks AND blood was still weaker than billy/nurse. People wanted another top tier killer, that's all.

  • BottledWaterBottledWater Member Posts: 241

    The Killer definetly isn't underpowered but I wouldn't call her super strong either she is good.

    You gotta consider that getting a survivor fully sick will cause them to be injured instantly and loose the ability to heal ontop of that they will not get the injured speedboost you usually get from being hit, so she has the ability to shorten the chase pretty well due to the passive sickness gain. She is a M1 killer which means that pallets and windows will still hinder her somewhat which is good because a killer still needs counterplay.

    The healing on the fountain isn't that bad, in my eyes it's actually pretty good. The survivors will get a reward for doing what they need to do instead of just being punished for it. A survivor will definetly want to heal at a fountain after being hooked because they're facing a 115% MS killer, you do not want to be injured against a normal speed killer. And the corrupt purge isn't even that important to down survivors because your main tool the Vile Purge does basically the same thing but slower, you should see Corrupt Purge as a short term boost turning you into a Huntress but for closer range. Neither should you go out of your way to slurp up some Corrupted Purge but you should rather use the Corrupt fountains as a zoning tool and only use fountains close to you.

    The reasons you are stating rather seem like you just having a bad time because you are inexperienced with the Killer.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 6,690

    Being sick makes you vulnerable to being one-shot. That is not nothing.

  • MhhBurgersMhhBurgers Member Posts: 1,776
    edited March 2019

    you have 50(!) seconds to find a well which are displayed on the map, common. If she hits half her puke you still have 20 seconds and if she breaks you she's gonna down you currently.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 6,690

    If she hits half her puke, she can break you by doing it again. Then hello one-shot.

  • MhhBurgersMhhBurgers Member Posts: 1,776

    At which point you shouldn't care about the instaheal out of broken state.

    That gives me an idea, why not make the wells instaheal unbroken survivors and if they get broken by the plague they don't get the heal. This would pressure them to get to a well instead of waiting out till they are fully sick while working on a gen. (Infected survivors go on a new timer after being hooked currently so this wouldn't be an issue)

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 6,690

    Mmm, I think that seems like a reasonable sugggestion.

  • DingDongsDingDongs Member Posts: 644

    That's actually great idea to me

    Please dev, let us test this at least once

  • IcemanIceman Member Posts: 1,299

    Maybe make this a post so it could be recognize on it’s own.

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 813

    Personally, I just hope that they'll be open to adjusting her once they start to see more data. She's clearly very weak, and survivors experience very few downsides to being sick at the moment, and actually see a benefit to being sick if they got hurt in a chase and then escaped. With this, it just encourages the Plague to either not use her power at all, or to tunnel survivors. If someone escapes after being infected, they get a free heal.

    They may not avoid healing just yet to avoid the ranged damage, but that's primarily because people haven't worked out the ideal way to handle her yet. When people get more time to understand how her chases and power works, I think you'll either see most people waiting until they're actually hurt to heal, or just not bothering at all and gen rushing to escape every match. Though I understood that the devs were hoping to make gen rushing less prevalent and encouraging interaction with other mechanics, while this does basically the opposite.

    Hopefully I'm wrong about all this, and their internal testing team thought of and went through all the potential outcomes. That would be nice to see, honestly.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,920
  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 666

    You sure these aren’t killer mains doing the “as a survivor main...” schtick?! Full heal at the fountains is absolutely necessary given the immense power of corrupt purge. You take healing away, and only complete idiots would actually use the fountains to remove just broken and sickness. If people don’t use the fountains, it takes the fun away and the killer would become boring.

    If healing were taken away, corrupt purge would need to be nerfed to the ground. You can’t have a power like this and not give something strong to survivors as well to make it a fair game.

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