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Destructoid's review of XB1 Dead by Daylight - 2.5/10

Rex_HuinRex_Huin Member Posts: 1,207
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This is the precise moment where I stopped placing any value on review scores whatsoever:

I had the game on pre-order at the time and PS4 reviews were virtually non-existent. The PC reviews were all out of date by this time as well.

Nearly cancelled my pre-order with Amazon but so glad I didn't or I would have missed this great game (although admittedly I would have got it free with PS+ some months later...).

500 hours later its now one of my favourite and most played games ever.


  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,892

    Even with its flaws, Dead By Daylight is probably one of my all time favorite games...Ever.

  • The_CrusaderThe_Crusader Member Posts: 3,688

    Damn, he must have got hit by DS in his first game.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 10,468


  • Rex_HuinRex_Huin Member Posts: 1,207

    I like the conclusion 'The desperate or the gullible may find a glimmer of fun hidden somewhere in the pit.'

    That's as harsh as any review Ive read of anything.

  • TeambossFlozeTeambossFloze Member Posts: 1,260

    It's cool at Destructoid to hate anything that isn't completely niche and been farted out of some meme loving kids ass. They have not and never will change

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    Stuff like thsi happens when you review a game after only playing a few hours and dont understanding it.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 5,234

    A bunch of people skewer him in the comments, deservedly so. There is an exchange between a user named icromaholic and the reviewer with a deleted comment. I actually remember reading those comments and the reviewer had said something like "you don't have to be a chef to know when you get served a pile of [BAD WORD] for dinner." After getting called out for being unprofessional he deleted his comment without an apology.

  • Condorloco_26Condorloco_26 Member Posts: 1,714

    Who the hell cares, buddy. Videogame "journalism". Read those two words slowly, with a straight face.

    In our day and age, the reviews of hundreds (even thousands) of players will weigh a lot more than any media outlet every single time. People that have been playing games for years and even decades have a richer perspective than some cool kid pretending to be a game critic.

  • JedJed Member Posts: 197
    edited March 2019

    Hehe this is exactly how I feel and why I play games I like...not what others say i should like or not like. Thats why I'm glad I didn't listen to all the hate for that Anthem game because its alot of fun.

  • SadonicShadowSadonicShadow Member Posts: 1,143

    LOL just read it. The author of that review sounds like a cry baby rank 20 pleb that needs to git gud.

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