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Killer is not gross enough

TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,031
edited March 2019 in 2.6.0 PTB

Shouldn't the puke and sickness be like a pale green or yellow with some black and white bits mixed in? That seems more like actual infection colors. Another thing is the puking noises sounding more like a waterfall rather than puking. Where is the stomach rumbling and gagging that she should be doing? If the devs didn't say she was puking, I would have thought she was spitting acid or something from the audio and visual design of it. Does not resemble throwing up very well. Plus, her voice when she readues her power sounds a lot like the Nurse's wheezing.

I feel like somewhere down the development line, someone said "let's not make her too disgusting or it will make people feel sick."

Her gross factor needs a buff for sure.


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