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Some ideas for balance changes

KillergürkchenKillergürkchen Member Posts: 4
edited March 11 in Balance Feedback

Hello survivors and killers inside the fog!

I am the Killergurke and play Dead by Daylight since a long time ago. Because of that I decided to let you know some ideas I got over hours of game experience in survivor and killer. I reached rank 1 also with both sides. So I think I know what I am talking about. I hope you like this ideas!

Game Changes:

+ New Mode: Quickplay and Ranked Games

- "Survive with Friends"-Groups can just enter the Quickplay-Mode. Surivor and Killer can play this mode without getting or loosing rank progress, but still earn bloodpoints.

- Ranked-Mode: Survivor and Killer can play this Mode to get rank progress. You can' t enter this mode with friends

Comment: "Survive with Friends"- Groups are pretty strong and are a reason why this game is unbalanced. Splitting the game into ranked matches and quickplay matches should balance the ranked system a little bit, because survivor can not talk to each other in the match, but can still prepair themselves and talk to eacht other for strategies before the match starts. Earning bloodpoints in Quickplay will this mode still attractive for both sides.

Killer Changes:

This is a hot topic. At first this is my opinion! I got Rank 1 as killer and think i got a lot of experiences I would like to share with you. Let me know your opinion.

+ the Nightmare

- The dream world:

- Survivor no longer wake up when they miss a skill check. They now got

a chance to wake up of 50%

- Survivor in the dying state are no longer waked up when they got healed.

- The aura of survivor in the dream world is displayed to Freddy if they aren't hunted and standing outside of his terror radius for 10seconds

- the red spot of Freddy is gone

Comment: Freddy is the number 1 of weakest killers. His power is not bad, but it ist too inconsisstent. Giving survivor no guarantated wake up after missing skillchecks or get healed from the dying state will let them sleep a lot longer. If the number of 50% too low for survivor, it could be adjusted to 70% or higher. Another idea is to let the number get lowered by the number of gens left to make him an endgame killer. The aura change should help survivor to get more fun and skill checks without getting hunted or to look for other survivors, because it feeles like u can' t escape freddy. The last change is just a "Nice to see"- idea. It gives freddy the possibility for mindgames of a few pallets, his biggest weakness.

+ the Clown

- Gas bottles:

- Survivors are hindered to interact with objects while they are effected by the gas

Comment: The clown is one of the frustrating killers. While his power could be strong with the right add-ons, he is not really doing what he had to. Giving his power the bonus effect of doctors power let him consisstently break loops. Maybe this effect is just triggered when he hits the bottle directly on the survivor. Compared to the doctor he got still the movement speed slow down, while the doctor got the 3 stages of madness.

+ the Doctor

- treatment mode:

- increasing the terror radius to 40m while in the treatment mode

Comment: The doctor is an annoying killer. This change will help him to annoy survivor more in the treatment mode. Furthermore this give him a bonus to perks effected by the terror radius.

+The Trapper

- the Trapper now starts with 3 traps at the beginning of the match. -2 bear traps are

available on the map

- the trapper can carry 3 traps at the same time without add-ons

Comment: The traps are very strong, but compared to the long setting time(Getting a trap and go away to a place where you want to set your trap), it takes too long to set up enough traps before too much gens are done. This change will help him to set traps faster everywhere he wants before running to the next trap. Also the number of traps is still the same, so he cannot set too much traps.

Survivor Changes:

Survivor are strong. A good team of survivor is even stronger. But there is still something to balance. Let me see your ideas please!

+ Getting off a hook by yourself will now give you 3seconds of invulnerabillity

Comment: The chance off getting free by yourself is very low, without perks or offerings. It feels great to escape from the hook. To punish camping killers a little bit more this change should give survivor enough time to use an instant healing (if you got one) while the killer camped them. So survivor got the chance to get hunted and escape.

+ Reduce the Hook Timer if Killer is standing near the hook.

- If the Killer is hunting another Survivor the Timer is at regular speed.

Comment: Camping is a strategy, thats right, but there should be a penalty in a match too, instead of just being punished in the emblem system. This Change allows the killer to secure kills while camping like before, but it gives more time to the survivor.

Thats all for today. There are still a lot of perks to balance or the emblem system, but at first I want to discuss the balance of survivor and killer, before i wanna discuss the other topics.

What are your ideas? What do you thing about this changes?

If you can't understand what i am writting, I am a little german boy with decent english skills.

Stay safe in the fog and thanks for every answer!


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  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 1,725

    I did not read everything, I just skimmed through your post since it's pretty long.

    First, rank doesn't mean a lot. An inexperienced player can get to rank 1 in their 1st season. Also you claim to "know what you are talking about". If you want to make such bold statements, that's your decision.

    The suggestion with the reduced hook timer is made by new players all the time here in the forum. What new players don't know: This mechanic has been already tested and been abused by survivors.

    And hey, Trapper has 6 traps, not 5.

  • KillergürkchenKillergürkchen Member Posts: 4

    At first thanks for answering.

    1. Yeah I know, Rank 1 does not mean, that I am "THE" survivor or "THE" killer. Whatever it is the opinion of people i am playing with too. But whats unimportant for this changes.
    2. Pleas read exactly. I was not saying trapper got 5 traps... i just said he should carry 2 more traps at the beginning an the traps spawned on the map should be reduced by 2 traps = he dont got too much traps.
    3. You are right, this idea is not something new. I know this, but that is one of my ideas too, so i decided to write it down. Maybe some other ideas aren't new too, but this are my ideas to balance the game a little bit more and increase the fun of killer and survivor.

    Stay safe


  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 1,725

    @Killergürkchen Concerning the traps: Ok, I misunderstood what you meant.

    Concerning the hook timer: You write that it's "your idea" and at the same time you know that this idea isn't anything new. That doesn't make sense. Also, as I wrote, this mechanic has already been tested. And it has been abused. So it's over. After it failed, it won't be implemented again.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 1,725

    @Killergürkchen Also, off-topic: You have to @ people in your comments, otherwise they won't get the notification that you replied to them.

  • KillergürkchenKillergürkchen Member Posts: 4

    @ NoShinyPony How was the mechanic getting abused? So changes could be discussed to bring back such mechanics. There are other games bringing back old buffs/nerfs/mechanics.

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