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Best Survivor Perks

Hay everyone i am killakestrel and i main Jake park as a survivor.

I have been playing DBD for a while now and since im an ever growing player and a person who likes to try new set ups.

I am curious what is your favorite perk builds are so i may try them in game some time.

oh and why are they your favorite perks to use?

My perk Set up is currently.

Self Care, Balanced Landing, Detectives Hunch and Empathy.

  1. SC cause well its obvious
  2. BL cause when using exhaustion perks i feel this has the smoothest mechanic
  3. DH cause i love to kill NOED asap so i can find those Pesky Totems faster
  4. Empathy. so that i can always have some idea as to where the killer is


  • SkycererSkycerer Member Posts: 178

    -Dance With Me


    -Quick & Quiet


    Perfect for a ninja mindgames

  • ApochApoch Member Posts: 96
    edited March 2019

    I love all of those but I'd replace Lightweight with Urban Evasion and slot them on Claudette for stealth mode XD

  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959

    Self Care!!!

    Speed Boost!!


    And than all the runner ups for the 4th slot (Adr, UE, BT, Deliverance)

    Maybe even the niche things if you find room for it (because you can't hit DS): Well make it, Unbreakable, Prove Thyself, Well gonna live forever.

    Perhaps you want to replace SB with a different exhaustion perk, but I would say SB is superior, because of the ease of use.

  • killakestrelkillakestrel Member Posts: 17

    I get that but you can be just as stealthy with other chars. Like Jake an feng

  • killakestrelkillakestrel Member Posts: 17

    I can agree with the reason for SB but i feel that i trigger it to often so i dont get right use from it lol.

  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959

    I personally like to play stealthy (I even stealth Docs) but that is mostly because I suck at looping. :P

    (Killer main btw! XD )

  • rangerdanger0rangerdanger0 Member Posts: 37

    I usually run

    • Self Care
    • Botony
    • Adrenaline
    • We'll Make it

    This helps to be a great healer plus be able to self heal pretty fast. I sometimes switch out other perks with botony

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,147

    Because I main Killer, my Survivor Perk pool is limited but my Nea uses:

    Balanced Landing

    Urban Evasion

    Well Make It

    Borrowed Time

    I can't tell you enough how Gods damn satisfying and useful We'll Make It is, it REALLY allows for good Unhook scenarios esp if multiple people are injured, you can heal an entire team up in no time.

  • Karl_ChildersKarl_Childers Member Posts: 669

    If you play solo, as I do, I can’t fault you for self care but ugh...it’s really hard to justify it without botany too. It can be agonizingly long without it.

    I like to use:


    Balanced Landing or Lithe after the change

    Borrowed Time

    Those are the 3 staples for me, I can’t play anymore without BT. It’s the best feeling in the game to pull someone off the hook at the end game and watch them escape out the gate after being hit while camped. My fourth I play around with...Unbreakable, Hope, WGLF, Well Make it would be the main choices. Or Botany if I bring a medkit to really extend its use.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227

    Self Care is a waste of time. Run Iron Will and Adren then just rush gens. Only stop to let someone heal if it's really necessary (eg. you are on last hook). It's harder, but far more effective way of playing survivor.

    You should also be running Borrowed Time just because it's the only way to make safe rescues in some situations.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Even though most of my Survivors have most of the same perks unlocked, I like varying my builds. The only perk I have all the time equipped (unless I dont have it on that character), is WGLF, just for the points.

    Stake Out: At least it creates the illusion my skillchecks are flawless to other Survivors. Like "Oh my! 3 great skillchecks in a row! This guy must be good!". But seriously though, rather underrated perk. Extra progress just in case you didnt land that Great, and comes in clutch most oftenly. Great counter to Ruin.

    Pharmacy: Works best with Botany Knowledge, but still not needed. Good through 1 or 2 heals without it, but you wont need more than that. Better than SC, in my opinion, because of the speed (so a semi-counter to Sloppy Butcher). You wont trigger dodges, because of no medkit in lobby. No time wasted searching through chests either.

    Balanced Landing or Lithe: BL being the best exhaustion perk. No explanation needed. Sometimes I mix it up with Vigil so that I can run more oftenly. When I use Lithe, I also use Dance With Me.

    Alert: Gives you the Killer's location when breaking stuff, so extremely useful. Also tells you what generators they are protecting and what pallets have been used/broken.

    Iron Will: Stealth. Amazing for mid-chase jukes and in general.

    And, no, I dont use BT, because I never perform unsafe unhooks. :P

  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959

    Like I said: I am a killer main, but when I play survivor (mostly solo) my usual loadout is:

    -SC (because it is way to good to skip)

    -SB (because it counters so many killer abilities)

    -Bond (because I need the Infos what is happening around me)

    -IW (It helps me actually lose the killer)

    Sometimes I change IW to a different perk, but most of the time it looks like this.

  • TheLastGreatStarTheLastGreatStar Member Posts: 1,002

    My most used loadouts are:

    Urban Evasion

    Iron Will



    Urban Evasion

    Iron Will



    Dance With Me



    Iron Will

    No Mither


    This Is Not Happening

    Dead Hard

    We'll Make It

    Borrowed Time



  • killakestrelkillakestrel Member Posts: 17

    Epic thanks forr the information. I will have to try some of these.

  • Lanis_Lanis_ Member Posts: 183
    edited March 2019

    I run with any survivor this 3 perks:

    Self care

    Balance landing:best exhaustion perks imho.

    Adrenaline:save me a lot of time.

    The 4th can be:

    DS/Borrowed Time/we'll make it/Alert/Empathy.

    I dont like ninja Style (no Urban evasion/dance with me etc.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 4,139

    I love all Dwight's perks, but especially Bond. It is so useful in numerous situations.

  • killakestrelkillakestrel Member Posts: 17

    I agree with this but Sam can be said for most perks

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