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Party matchmaking balance

RacRac Member Posts: 6

I was plaing a survivor match, and one of my ally was a rank 2 that didn't know how to proprelly use a pallet; than i realized i was in another game with a party of 3 were the high rank guy matched with his low rank friends (20 and 10; and i am actually a rank 9 survivor the killer was a rank 9 too). He didn't deserve that rank for his actual skills.

So the problem is easy; a lot of people do party with low rank friends just to find low rank killers (i'm not against play with friends, but i think balance is more important for fun compared to an easy rank up); i think the arithmetic average is not the right solution (why a rank 1 with 3 rank 20 have to play against a rank 15 killer?).

The suggest is to change to weighted average where every color have a specific weight (for istance 1 for brown ranks, 2 for yellow ranks, 3 for green ranks, 4 for purple ranks and 5 for irridescent ranks) in this case you will not be able to rank up easly as it is now. Using the same exemple as before (1 rank 1 with 3 rank 20; assuming the rank 20 as 1, because is the lowest rank and rank 1 as 20 because is the highest rank; is just for math, don't be mad for this) the game will calculate the killer rank like: (20*5 + 1*1 + 1*1 + 1*1)/4= 26 now we have to detract 20 (because we swapped the rank value); killer rank 6, almost fair.

If u need some explaination to the math calc is because we have to consider the highest rank of more impact for the calc, so the same calc without that change will be: (1*5 + 3*20)/4 =16,25 this calc obviously can't be fair; a rank 16 killer is almost the same as now.

I hope u understanded everything, is not easy to write a statistic calc in another language >.<''

Thanks for your time!


  • RacRac Member Posts: 6

    "now we have to detract 20" actually we have to detract 19, i just misscalculated (a full party of rank 1 will be matched with a rank 0 lol) so the exemple will become 26-19= rank 7

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 1,718

    Without going into the details of the calculation, yes, the general idea should be something like that. The highest rank should have more weight than the other teammates with lower ranks.

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 404

    So you think a rank 7 killer would be fair against three rank 20s? lol

  • RacRac Member Posts: 6

    Yes it is, why u have to play with a rank 1 guy if u are a rank 20 lol, learn to play than your rank mean nothing and if u will match against a rank 7 u will have no problems, no other games allow u to rank up with a party of noob guys.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    I propose that the SWF should verse a killer of equal rank than the highest survivor in the SWF. They have the advantage of voice comms anyway and most of the game has become 1vs1 due to the looping

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