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My feedback on the 2.6.0 PTB

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This PTB was an interesting one to say the least, to avoid the scenario where I gave feedback on Spirit to early and feedback on Legion too late I believe that this is the best time I can give feedback on not just the killer but other aspects of the PTB as a whole as there is a lot to go over.

In this post I intend on going over the killer first, followed by emblem changes, perk changes and then finally the new perks. I would give map feedback but I do not believe I have a very solid understanding of the new map yet.

First I would like to go over the main attraction of the 2.6.0 PTB which is the new killer "The Plague".

The Plague has an interesting power which is already decent but has some flaws that should be addressed in order to bring The Plague to a good spot in the game. The following are all aspects of the Plague that I believe should be looked at (keep in mind that this is not all balance feedback as some of it will be about emblems and bloodpoints.)

1 : The fountains are too far away from all the action. While there are some fountains that are in good spots, I've noticed that a number of them happen to sit in the outlier parts of the map that can really be harmful to The Plague. This is a problem because of the following reasons ;

  • If we look back at The Trapper, he suffers because he needs to travel all over the entire map to even set his power up which might not even work at all in a lot of cases. Plague is in the same position though her power can at least be used. Because her corrupt purge is on a timer, it's very detrimental to her to go to a corner of the map to get a fountain only to have to waste a lot of her power's duration just trying to get back into where the generators are which will cost her valuable time and map pressure. Keep in mind that bringing the fountains closer to all the action is not exactly a direct buff either - it's a change that would benefit both sides due to easier access to the fountains.

2 : The infection does not remain on objects for long enough. Currently the best way to play The Plague is to play her like hillbilly where you puke on the survivor's back until they're broken and then down them. This isn't to say that this is bad, but not having the puke remain on objects for long enough is a problem because of the reasons below ;

  • Currently as it stands, the vomit only remains on objects for 20 seconds which is not long enough as survivors can just simply wait it out as if they're on another part of the map and suddenly find a generator that has vomit on it for example, odds are that the effect will be gone in a couple of seconds anyways. As it stands right now, yes it's a feature to puke on objects to spread the infection but from what I've seen, nobody really wants to do that because the timer is too short meaning that often times you will only see The Plague played in a similar way to hillbilly until her fountains are active. My proposal is that the vomit timer is increased to 40 seconds. This is because if we keep the vomit on objects for longer it would better allow The Plague to infect survivors and gain better map awareness thanks to that. It's not like the generators are blocked off, it just grants more opportunity for both sides to make plays around the fountains later on in the match and encourages riskier plays.

3 : The infection is not very contagious ;

  • Currently to my knowledge the infection is only spread from player to player if the infected survivor is fully sick with the broken status effect. I would personally like to see the requirement dropped down to a 50% sick survivor and see how that goes as this would really allow for the infection to spread as it should. This would not exactly be necessary however if suggestion #2 was in place.

4 : The deviousness bloodpoint gains are very bad ;

  • Currently it's very difficult to obtain deviousness bloodpoints with The Plague, she already harms her brutality bloodpoints by puking on survivors until they're broken. You could play the match very well as Plague but not really gain very many bloodpoints. I couldn't really tell you what would be a good increase to her bloodpoint gains, but I believe some potential ideas would be to either increase her deviousness gains by 50% or double them.

5 : Puke does not contribute to the chaser emblems ;

  • While it's understandable that the vile purge does not contribute towards your emblems, I've tested her corrupt purge with the chaser emblem and have not gotten any points towards chaser despite actually hitting survivors with the corrupt purge. Now if this is a bug then that's fair enough, but if it's not then there's no reason for this to be the case as huntress gains chaser emblems for hitting people with hatchets which also do damage.

6* : Don't punish The Plague for infecting everyone, I nearly forgot about this one but here is why ;

  • Currently as it stands when you infect everyone, eventually you run out of fountains and they all get reset. This is bad because it actively punishes you for putting the infection on everyone, instead of just resetting I believe a good change would be to automatically apply the corrupt purge when the fountains are reset. This is an idea that McLean has talked about in the official Dead By Daylight discord which actually gave me the idea to put this up in this post.

With those changes in mind, which in total would be 1 adjustment, 3 buffs and 2 other changes which are not geared towards gameplay I believe The Plague would be in a very good spot which from there all you would need to do is keep both Plague and Huntress in mind when making new maps. So for the killer, I believe that this was a very solid strength for the killer for just a PTB and just needs some slight changes - good job there.

Next we have the emblem changes, which if I'm being honest - it was a bad idea to change these to the way they were in the PTB, this is infact probably the most critical I will be in this post. The fact that you want to influence the players to drag out matches to last a longer amount of time is good but the way this was done is not good and before I go over the reasons why I believe this change is not good, I would like to bring up one last thing regarding to the attempt this emblem change was trying to make from what I can tell. Yes, we want ranking up to be harder and yes we want matches to be more enjoyable but the way the emblem changes presented here in this PTB does not keep skilled players in mind and will only be detrimental to the health of the game. Here are my reasons for not liking the emblem changes ;

  • You want matches to go on for a longer amount of time, that's very good and the fact that the speed of the games are being recognized as problematic is also a good thing but what is not good is absolutely punishing good players whether they're a survivor or a killer. With this emblem change you end up punishing players for being good as let's say for example that you're playing Myers and you get to T3 and during the span of your T3 duration you slug and hook all 4 survivors because you outplayed them, that will not grant you a pip and will infact either safety pip you or even depip you which is very bad.
  • In the past both survivors and killers have been complaining about people deranking themselves in various different ways to bully new players. What this emblem change effectively means is that if a player does very good and consistently end games very fast, you will only derank them for that which means that even the players who stand against deranking and bullying new players will eventually find themselves as a point where they will unintentionally bully or even just steamroll new players until they no longer want to play. On the PTB I've gotten 3k's and 4k's but never once pipped and even in some cases ended up depipping despite doing well in the match. This flaw in the emblem changes is incredibly bad and will be abused.
  • You will increase queue times of the remaining rank 1 players. Now don't get me wrong, rank has never meant you were good at the game but what you're doing with these emblem changes is you're punishing skilled players and rewarding nice players which is the total opposite of what a rank system should be doing. With the current "no-healing meta", there isn't room to play nice in some matches, there is only room to actively try and attempt to pressure survivors that only want to do generators and end games very fast. This means that the red ranks will be left with very bad queue times and that ultimately means you will spend far more time waiting in a lobby (which is already true for people who get dodged) than actually playing the game itself.
  • Emblems are not the way to change how people play the game. Ranks should be left to the purpose that they should have which is bracketing off new players who are just getting into the game (ranks 20-12) and players who have experience with the game (ranks 11-1). Yes there is the common theme that "rank does not matter" which I agree that they don't, but it's better to have a flawed ranking system that at least is hard to derank in than it is to have a completely busted ranking system that will ultimately hurt new players. The best way to change the game is to implement new interactive features that will encourage players to change how they play and in a healthier way.

Next we have the perk changes, which there really isn't much to say as I can appreciate that all the perks are being given their real strength at levels 1/2/3 alike while the only thing that changes is the little extra's. I would hope that most players can appreciate this change as it lessens the grind, so with that being said I will be going over some of the more notable perk changes rather than just perks that are adjusted at levels 1 & 2 ;

  • First we have Spies From The Shadows. I like the fact that this perk has a cooldown because it prevents those annoying cases where I'm spammed with notifications, but I believe 5 seconds is too long of a cooldown. Personally I believe a good fix for this is to instead drop the cooldown to be 3 seconds which will keep the strength of this being an active tracking perk while also lowering the annoyance of the crow notifications.
  • For Fire Up, I don't really exactly see the point. It's good that all generators can give this perk strength as opposed to just generators 2,3 and 4, but the change in numbers is only by 1% overall. I'm probably looking at this perk in the wrong way.
  • Here is the most interesting change in my opinion which belongs to the perk Thanatophobia. This change is great for the perk as it gives it real power rather than just being a meme perk, the change to the perk itself is one that I can welcome but there is one huge problem which is the fact that this change to Thanatophobia ignores the fact that Legion is in the game. Nobody wants to go against Legion and what this buff to Thanatophobia will bring is more Legion games as this perk is already in the "Legion meta" as it is.
  • The change to Lithe is great, it no longer depends on being in a chase which allows it to be a great perk.
  • I like the changes to DS, it discourages tunneling and is no longer a free escape that harms your map pressure. Good job here.
  • Kindred received a basic range buff for seeing the aura of the killer and a general buff for all tiers allowing survivors to see each other. I think this change is great and would punish camping harder than any emblem changes ever could. I can appreciate this change to Kindred.

With that being said, the last bit of feedback I will be giving towards the PTB is towards the new perks which all of them are interesting and I can see some use coming out of them, but here is my feedback towards each perk individually.

  • Dark Devotion is an interesting perk, however I feel like the timer for it is not long enough considering that you already get a massive cooldown and already have to find the obsession to get any use out of it. I think a good change for this perk is to change the duration from 20 seconds to 30 seconds and see how it goes from there.
  • Infectious Fright is a neat perk, I believe that the perk is fine as it is and will see a lot of use for Myers and possibly Nurse.
  • Corrupt Intervention is also a good perk, the timer is long enough to matter though I don't really understand why this is rated as a rare perk? Either way, I do not believe this perk needs any changes.
  • Solidarity is an interesting healing perk that has great synergy with autodidact (which I tested). I believe this perk is in a good spot and may even allow for seeing more healing builds to be used.
  • Poised is a decent perk, I don't really see this throwing me off but I like the fact that more perks that reward players are being added.
  • Head On is more like a meme perk, though I do like the fact that it will really change up how the basement is played making it a risky place to be in for both sides. I also like the fact that lockers have been given more attention in the recent patches. This is a good addition though I hope some adjustments are made to the AoE of the perk to ensure it gets enough use.

That being said, I can appreciate all the effort that went into making this PTB which will continue the trend of improving the game overall though I still believe that the emblem changes absolutely need to go.

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