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Solo Surviving Vs. S.W.F.



  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 787

    what i think should be is if the survivors are talking within 32 meters of the killer. the killer will be able to hear some kind of whispers. and if he followed that sound. he can reach the survivor who's talking.

    or a noise notification when a survivor is talking within 28 meters of the killer

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 787

    true. even the new survivor (ash)'s perks are made for solo. for example that perk that lets you know how much did your teammates recover. the flipflop one can be useful and " my flipflop is full bodyblock 1 hit and i'll escape " would be op too

  • MegarisMegaris Member Posts: 35

    I think swf should be nerfed not buffing solo. who will want to play killer if all solo survivors get buff like swf?

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 787

    killer is jokingly easy. if you're having a hard time playing killer i won't blame you. you might be a newbie or something. i reached rank 1 with a perkless no add-ons nurse twice

    also slugging with 5 gens remaining is easy asf as billy

    even if survivors (not solo or swf) got buffed. it would just increase the challenge. if you are a newbie at killer. go and watch youtube tutorials then. try following scratch marks and try locating survivors

  • MegarisMegaris Member Posts: 35

    so why do most killers dodge swf? that's the answer. anyway do what you want, others will quit killer (or this game) when Ash's perks come.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 3,615

    This is simply incorrect. I am going into majority full solo matches.

  • ParalyKoKParalyKoK Member Posts: 55

    Killer mains say voice chat is overpowered , but yet they have killer who can snipe through windows with vomit....while RUIN was buff, Thanataphobia was buff and DS was nerf lol sounds fair so far huh?

    GG kiilers u got your wish. I say give us the  8 meter in game chat and screw the killers. they got everything they wanted handed to them so give the survivors something to work with.

  • ParalyKoKParalyKoK Member Posts: 55

    oh wait all the survivors are mutes now. I forgot. they don't have vocal cords lol

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36

    solo survivors can not survive, they will leave this game.

    The only thing left is the match between the SWF and the killer.

    Of course, SWF will become an advantageous environment if it becomes so.

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36

    Do you have a match for 4 solo survivors with so many SWFs?

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 3,615

    Your improper sentence structure is making it difficult to understand what you're asking.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 89

    The only way to balance the game at this point is to acept you have 2 games and you need to split the balancing between SWF and Solo survivor.

    Give killers buffs against SWF, like better stats, an extra perk, higher rank perks (Ruin rank 4 etc), slower or more gens, stuff like that, the posibilities are endless, also let them have 2 separate builds one for solos and one for SWFs.

    I play solo survivor and im tired of being gutted every patch in a pointless attempt of balancing the game against SWF, perks that are decent for solos become monsters with voice chat and others become global like OoO (1 person runs it, everyone benefits).

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36

    I think I should stop the SWF and let everyone play in solo.

    Of course there is no voice chat.

    Survivors play games in a state where they can not cooperate, and the murderers adjust their balance.

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36

    The amazing part of this game is that it has no merit for solo survivors.

    Solo survivors do not earn many points, nor are they enhanced.

    This [BAD WORD] game exists for SWF and killer.

  • SomeissuesSomeissues Member Posts: 1,361

    Identity V has everything DBD solo players needed

    in game chat for all players yet it was still balanced

    same can be done on DBD

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 787
    edited April 6

    @Someissues it would require downsides too. identity V is a different game. with different killers. different survivors. different playerbase etc. i know it's a bit similar. but taking the changes from other games will 100% break something too.

    after thinking about it for a while. a 5 seconds notification in the survivor's location when a survivor send a msg can balance it a bit.

    edit: add me on steam later. same username,

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36

    How many solo survivors in this game?

  • solo_survivorsolo_survivor Member Posts: 36

    How long will the solo survivor endure?

    Why are there no benefits?

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