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DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 519
edited March 14 in Balance feedback

Seriously. This has started to induce controller breaking rage.

I get that hex perks are a risk/reward strategy, but this is beyond a joke with how quickly a totem can be cleansed, AND THE ACTION DOESNT REQUIRE SKILL CHECKS, and it doesn’t matter if you also run TOTH. All that does is tell you “hey you’re about to lose a totem that you can’t reach in time”

i don’t think totems/hexes should be impossible for survivors to find, but seriously get knicked allowing the RNG to put the hex at the opposite end of the map, near a gen, that has a survivor spawn close by that’s gonna beeline to the gen in question. It’s simply unfair, and the game shouldn’t hand these hexes to survivors on a silver platter.

The reverse equivalent would be survivors equipping a top tier rare item, with rare add-ons, and spawning WITHIN the Killers TR, whilst they had Franklins Demise equipped, except FD didn’t allow dropped items to EVER be picked back up.

End of rant.

Devs fix this shite.


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