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Perk: Corrupt Intervention could use a buff?

Survivor main: 1700ish hours (Yeah, yeah, I know) I do play killer once in a blue moon and usually it's to test out the new killers and their perks. I really did enjoy this up coming update!

My question about the perk CI. Eh. I like it for newer killers. Learn map control and what not. Sweet, more recruitment for killers! I feel that seasoned survivors know to just wait it out by being goofballs or being immersed if the killer chooses to patrol only those gens in the first....120 seconds (T3)? I don't think veterans would really use it. To make it viable, what about adding aura reading to it? Example, if i'm 4/8/12 meters from the corrupted gen, waiting for the Corruption to end, my aura would show to the killer as Bitter Murmur would during the corruption period. IMO, i think it would add validity to using the perk for all killers. Thoughts?

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