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Saboteur/MYC adjustment + Nurse/Deep Wound suggestion

Saboteur: Since Saboteur no longer has additional efficiency for toolboxes, it's not really worth using as a Saboteur any more. It's too slow to be used on its own and the 30 additional seconds are too meaningless if you're bringing a toolbox.

Suggestion: Add a Totem Counter to the Saboteur perk, similar to Thrill of the Hunt but for survivors. If you are not familiar with TotH, it shows a number beside the perk icon that shows the remaining dull/hex totems on the map.

Make Your Choice: Ever since the adjustment to make it 32m across all tiers, both the effect and cooldown changed on lower tiers. For example, MYC tier 1 now gives a debuff for 40 seconds, but this also makes the cooldown only 40 seconds, whereas tier 3 is 60 seconds for both. This is the only perk in the game where a lower tier version can be more powerful if you have high pressure as a killer, since you can easily catch someone in the 60 seconds and have them rescued before the cooldown wears off. Once your perk reaches a higher tier, you can no longer use the lower tiers.

Suggestion: Adjust the cooldown on the lower tiers to match tier 3 or lower the cooldown on tier 2 and 3 to match tier 1, with the expose duration remaining higher than the cooldown.

Nurse: I don't expect her to be nerfed since she has been left alone, but ever since playing Legion who loses all sight of scratch marks when using his power, I'm wondering why Nurse isn't the same. When Legion has sight of you there's not much you can do to juke him, but if he DOESN'T see you and you manage to sprint away it'll be very difficult for him to find you. Nurse has no drawbacks like this, she can blink with abandon whether or not she sees you and the scratch marks will lead her to the juking survivor(s) eventually.

Suggestion: Hide Scratch marks from the Nurse from when she blinks to when the fatigue ends.

Deep Wounds: Nobody enjoys getting moonwalked or cheesed, or going down because the killer lost sight of you. Currently the bleed out timer ticks down at any time you're not in a chase, but that mechanic is very unreliable.

Suggestion: Deep Wounds does not tick down while running. This removes the dependency on the chase system, but will not allow Survivors to do other interactions before mending themselves, and if they delay mending they risk revealing themselves with the scratch marks.

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