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Sandbag Olympics

gibsona36gibsona36 Member Posts: 3

Hosting Sandbag Olympics 3.0 at twitch.tv/shatoya on March 19th, 2019 at 8PM CST.

Teams of two. The purpose is to get the other team killed while securing escape for yourself and your team mate.

1 point awarded for each successful sandbag. (Killer chases/hits other team instead)

1 point awarded for successful farms off hook.

1 point awarded for each person to survive and exit.

If an opponent player is slugged on the ground you must heal them up. (afterall, the objective is still to escape and they can still do gens.)

No items allowed in game except for what you find in chests.

2 perks allowed. Bond & Empathy.

Top two winning teams will be awarded Steam Gift cards and Merch.

Contest will be held at twitch.tv/shatoya. First come, first serve on joining queue when stream starts.


  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,314

    Sounds like fun. But is there not a risk that the killers will report the contestants sandbagging?

  • gibsona36gibsona36 Member Posts: 3

    @JawsIsTheNextKiller All players will still have a main goal of completing objectives and escaping. Reporting shouldn't be an issue, because this happens in normal games anyway with SWF being altruistic.

  • SchinslySchinsly Member Posts: 176

    Could you host this on a weekend next time?

  • gibsona36gibsona36 Member Posts: 3

    I have hosted them all before on weekends. This is just a special occasion and was requested and brought back on this day by demand.

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