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Perk/Killer ideas

TheNerdyRockstarTheNerdyRockstar Member Posts: 61
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I know theres probably a billion of these in the forums and i might repeat some existing ones but i was talking to my friend about some ideas I had and she said i should post them on the forums so here i am.

Killer ideas:

The Beast: Some kind of werewolf like entity, could originate from like old england or something and that could be the map since everyone would assume itd be a forest, i think itd be dope to have the beasts map more urban like a city/town from the 1800/1900. The kit would be all based on senses other than sight so like maybe as the beast you can only see in greyscale so its harder to see, but the perks and his ability keep survivor auras highlighted or keep scratches longer so he cant hunt them. MAYBE the ability can be something like a frenzy where you run on all fours for a period of time but cant vault stuff like the legion, and instead of having the normal attack in this state you have pounce which attacks a distance in front of you and if you hit a survivor they are instantly put into the dying state, but if you dont hit a survivor youre stunned for a couple seconds and have to wait for the ability to recharge. And if you pounce into a wall or pallet or anything you get stunned for longer, like if you hit a wall with the cannibals chainsaw and get stuck swinging it around for a few seconds. also the survivor would probably be an edgar allan poe lookin dude

The Twins: Originally this idea was to be the twins from the shining but theres a bunch of reasons that wouldnt work, like they are really short so theyd be broken (which sucks cause the hotel would be a cool map) ANYWAYS I think some kind of twins or clones or whatever would be sick. Like you spawn on the map and your twin spawns somewhere else, the ability lets you switch between them after like a 1.5 second charge or something, and the twin you arent using stays there and acts as a ward, just giving vision in an area around them so you can strategically place them on maps but waste time transporting the extra body there. And maybe make it not work in the basement cause thatd be broken. ALSO if you make them twins, you can make them fraternal so they have different passives or attacks or different advantages/disadvantages. if we made them clones or if their lore could include it, the survivor could be a mad scientist who made them/caused them to be like this and the map could be his LABORATORYY

The Infiltration: So this killer automatically takes on the appearance of one of the survivors in game. Survivor names arent displayed for survivors so they cant tell right away who is really who based on injuries or whatever. The killer can work on generators, hide in lockers, everything just like a survivor. but what actually happens is as they work on the generator it will progress backwards or if they stay in a locker for like 20 seconds or something when they get out the locker doors will fall off. Basically the survivors will only be able to tell who it is if they see them doing these things and notice that somethings off or if youre the survivor they took the appearance of. Also if theres an obsession they automatically take that characters form. I think it would probably look like just gas with a blank face in it because it does take the form of the survivors, but if it has no form WHAT IF WE SAY ITS A PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF THE ENTITY. AND AND AND because the survivors have no weapons, the game prioritizes choosing a survivor with an item to turn into, and you just bash the actual survivors with that item!

Killer Perk ideas:

Rusty Nails: The killer can put rusty nails in a window or on a pallet or a locker door or chest or totem or literally whatever (maybe not the exit gates though) by interacting with it. If a survivor fast vaults over a fallen pallet or through a window, enters a locker, or slams a pallet (that have the rusty nails) they take damage (maybe gain the mend status thing if they arent being chased) But the damage from this perk cant put them in the dying state. Only from fully healthy into injured. Maybe if youre injured and hit the nails you get slowed for a second or so or just nothing happens.

Skilled Destruction: Okay so i know this one is super broken but i think itd be cool. The perk lets the killer kick a generator thats already been finished. Automatically sets it back 15% but it wont regress more after that. Only once per match and cant be used if the final generator is already finished.

Frail Wood: I dont know how to implement this, like if it just randomly happens or if the killer would have to mess with the pallets but the idea is that when a pallet gets slammed if it doesnt hit the killer, it automatically breaks and splinters out to hit survivors within a small range. probably like only the survivor that slammed it. Youd have to limit the amount of pallets this can be applied to at a time or in a match or give it a cooldown but i think itd be nifty. also again, cant down a survivor, only injure them and maybe slow for a couple seconds.

Survivor perk ideas:

Mislead: I think it would be cool to have this perk on the survivor that comes with the beast. Lets say youre being chased by the killer and you manage to get away, if you keep sprinting and then duck to the side or hide in a locker or whatever, your scratches automatically keep going in whatever direction you were heading or automatically lead to the nearest window or locker and activate the audio cue as if you actually vaulted or did whatever. And then maybe give it like a 20 or 30 second cooldown

Skilled Saboteur: Basically acts exactly like saboteur, but 1. takes longer to sabotage stuff and 2. when a survivor breaks a hook or a trap or whatever, they appear unbroken to the killer and their auras can still be seen when applicable, but break upon interaction. Like if the killer hooks someone on a hook that was broken with skilled sabotage, the survivor will fall to the ground and be able to escape, and the hook will hit the killer stunning them for a couple seconds (otherwise the killer would just hit them right away). And maybe only one of each thing can be affected by this at a time so if you break a hook like this and then you break a second hook like this, the first one will break like normal or just return to its unbroken state or whatever. But you can have a hook and a trapper trap both skilled sabotaged at the same time.

Learn as you go: As you progress in a match every survivor starts doing generators or whatever faster. Like the more generators you have completed, the faster you do the next generator, or the more totems you have completed, the faster you do the next totem, and so on. It isnt affected by partial progress so if you finish 4 generators to 99% but dont finish them, you get 0% increased repairs but if you finished them all then maybe itd be like 40% or something (like 10% per generator finished) Doesnt affect things like healing or waking up others or snapping people out of madness because those have no limit to how many times they can happen in a round.

Army Training: SO YOU KNOW HOW IN THE ARMY THEY DO THAT MUD CRAWL THING. WELL The idea is the survivor this perk is designed for would be a veteran who died in battle or something so all their perks are themed as such. BUT FOR THIS PERK the idea is that when you are on the ground you can crawl at normal walking speed or if you hold shift you crawl at sprinting speed (but for a very limited time and would need to stay still for it to recharge, like a version of exhaustion exclusively for dying survivors) Which i think would be awesome because it would seriously cripple any killer who decides to leave a survivor on the ground to stop the last survivor from getting the hatch.

*I have a bunch more ideas but These are my favorites so far and if people want me to post more of them then i will later*


like in a feeble attempt to blend in with the killers they disguise themselves as one of them. Like dwight would be the trapper, nea would be the nurse, etc. Im fully aware of some problems like kate being the clown or ace being the hag but plz just make that happen


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