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Nurses blinking into Exit Gate before opened

NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,147

Nice job, having a Nurse be able to blink into the Exit Gates before they're opened and allow them to get a free hit once opened....


  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,068

    Well, that's what Premonition is for, making sure NOED is gone, Spine Chill, terror radius and watching where she goes once gates are powered.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 18,723

    This is not a bug.

  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 2,161

    Usually when I don't see the killer, I either look for NOED or try to find the killer and poke them. A nurse going behind the door is something well know, though, I think.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,111
    edited March 2019

    Do you really want to get rid of the Insidious + NOED meme that exists since 3 years?

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,482

    I have never seen a Nurse blinking through the exit gates with serious intentions. More just to mess around with them, but thats it.

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,147

    Yeah, I bloody would because surviving an entire Match while being tunneled by a Killer, to escape multiple chases and have them pull some [BAD WORD] like this and get a kill because they 1 hit downed me as soon as the door opened.... I don't care if you want to call it a "meme" that's a cheap [BAD WORD] thing that no other Killer can do.

  • sirnewbingtonsirnewbington Member Posts: 78

    love the ability tbh, its comical yet can work to your advantage some times. was gonna be a sneaky sneak till they broke my NOED... whoops

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