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Update | Matchmaking System

PatBrutalPatBrutal Dev, Community Manager Posts: 567
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The new matchmaking system has been live for the past 48 hours and we will continue to monitor its status.

The purpose of this system is to make queue times fairer for all and to reduce edge cases where some players might experience long wait time. 

What can we expect with the new matchmaking system? 

  • The new system puts a player looking for a match in one of two queues: a queue for killers and a queue for survivors. Then at a fixed time interval (for example, every thirty seconds), it takes a bucket of players from both queues and matches them together, creating multiple lobbies, and trying to find the best possible match for a player with every other player within the bucket (again, according to rank and geolocation).
  • Survive With Friends groups and solo players will all have the same wait time.
  • Killers will now see the lobbies filled up with 4 survivors instantly (regardless they are playing in SWF or solo). 
  • Of course, wait time will depend on the number of players at any given time of day.

As an indication, here are the maximum wait times we have recorded during the last 48 hours per platform.

This shows that the new matchmaking system effectively reduces edge cases where some players wait a very long time.

These are the maximum values, note this might change during the day. 

  • XboxOne: Killer 3 minutes, Survivor 3 minutes 
  • PS4: Killer 1 minute, Survivor 3 minutes 
  • PC: Killer 3 minutes, Survivor 1 minute 

Also, we are currently testing the integration of a queue wait time in the HUD. This will show players the estimate wait time when matchmaking.

Thank you

The Dead by Daylight Team

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