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Cross platform

In the pc version is way faster to find a match than the console version. Is it possible to add a crossplatform feature in the future? It would help who plays on the console to find a match way faster


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    Especially with switch joining the consoles soon..... queue times on switch will be horible

  • HermanTheDoctor HermanTheDoctor Member Posts: 174

    Well i think it gets kinda tricky.

    Imagine a good Nurse on PC plays against some Survivors on Xbox or PS4. You can't move so fast and precise with a controller. Keyboard and Mouse is better

  • way_lonway_lon Member Posts: 16

    well thats not that bad and most consoles have usb so they could ad keyboard and mouse if they did have cross platform

  • way_lonway_lon Member Posts: 16

    It would be cool if all the characters had shirts representing each console. Like everyone would have a PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC shirt but you can only use them on that console

  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 571

    IIRC the only thing stopping cross platform games is Sony.

    I don't understand the market value for DBD on the Switch. DBD isn't a AAA game like Mario, Metroid, etc. I can only imagine how terrible the queue times are.

    DBD just needs to add keybind support for Keyboard and Mouse for consoles. I play DBD on PC but i have a wireless keyboard and mouse bluetoothed to my xb1. I'm old and hate most voice activated anything :)

  • way_lonway_lon Member Posts: 16

    I dont see it either but DBD on switch is super cool (and this is coming from a huge nintendo fan) I think it will open the game to more people and you can play it almost anywhere just as long as you have a stable connection and lan partys would be very fun on the switch. I also play on PS4 and I'd love playing DBD with my brother or somthing if cross platform was a thing

    also it's not really sony stopping the cross platform they are open about it just not as much as Xbox or Nintendo

    I do hope they add cross platform

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