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Please Help Us Players Who Are Colourblind! (Suggestions)

FeleasFeleas Member Posts: 85
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Hello Devs, I hope you take the time to seriously read this. I'm a player like many others who suffer from one or more colourblindness. Myself, I have protanomaly AND deutranomaly, meaning anything falling under the green and red spectrums my vision gets horrible mixed up, and this does include brown, one of the most common colours in over half your maps. It's so bad that I can't see Survivors more often than not in two of these maps, Yamaoka Estate and some of the Coldwind Farm maps (Rotten Fields and The Thompson House).

The following are some suggestions I have that might resolve this issue for myself and for those who are colourblind, Devs:

1) Colourblind mode - I know this can be easily exploited by people without colourblindness to view things more easily without perks like Survivors' blood trails, but most modern games have this feature in them at this point.

2) Map Blacklisting - Something that I first experience in World of Warcraft years ago, I think back during Cataclysm when they added it not sure, but it allowed for people to avoid maps they didn't find favourable or outright did not enjoy.

3) Nerf The Corn Fields - People have been joking and making memes of this for a while, but by thinning out the corn just a little bit might go a long way for those of us who are colourblind with discerning colours when in the corn fields.

I hope that those in the community will contribute to this thread in hopes of finding more possible solutions, refinements for solutions stated, and that the Devs will look at this and take it into serious consideration. The community is dwindling as is for one reason or another so by not alienating the colourblind fans, they might be able to have more people stay or better yet more join. Let's try to make this game more inclusive so that all can enjoy it!

PS: I will be adding suggestions and rephrasing suggestions as this thread progresses.

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