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Miner Killer and underground mine map

So. Whynot a miner killer (trapper gas mask is similar). Mining pick as weapon.

Throws grenades to explode the coal in the mine or similar mechanic.

Fumes in some areas of the mine cause status effects or exhaustion if activated.

Map is a mine, lots of passages, cave in's instead of pallets (function the same way). Nurse can blink around it like Lery's.

Light if from torches on the walls

Maybe minecart tracks can be seen in places

No crows, but bats (same function as crows)

Maybe make the mine charred from a past explosion.

Exit gates have you run to a ladder to the surface.

Didnt the back story on one killer have him trap people in a mine? Macmillian estate? Can place mine map in this section.


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