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Yes, Please Let's Give Survivors Even More Second Chances!

NivalaNivala Member Posts: 10

i like how those leaked perks help survivors against slugging, which is a result of survivor mistakes anyways and they should get punished for letting themself fall victim to it, yet the devs still dont do anything to help killers against hatch and it's almost been 3 years. Like it's perfectly okay for survivors to dc and give the last survivor hatch and there's nothing you can do about it. Can we at least get some DC protection on the hatch, forcing a Survivor to at least do 1 generator to get it to open? Also Mettle of Man is basically Dead Hard 2.0. It's so ridiculous the amount of Survivor favoritism that is happening. Making all these changes but doing nothing to help the killer side. I play both roles, and Survivor is so easy you can literally faceroll and win, it's so easy it's just plain boring. Just another reason to only play Nurse and no other killer.



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