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Wiggling on Console

Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 939

The game indicates that you should move your left stick left and right repeatedly. This is a pretty awful method, as it's loud, sometimes will stop wiggling when the stick reaches neutral position, and I'm pretty sure it will cause your stick to wear down much faster in the future. I recommend that you instead push the stick in a clock-wise motion. Less noise, less effort, less wear, and more efficiency. I also think Behaviour should really consider changing the indicator to instruct this clock-wise motion, by the way. You can thank my sister for realizing this improved method of wiggling.


  • projecteulogyprojecteulogy Member Posts: 539

    or allow controller rebinds. this game is really bad on hardware with the constant mashing.

  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340

    You have to rotate the analog stick on ps4. Did they changed it now?

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 939


    At least on Xbox One, it indicates that you should move the stick side to side.

  • BatsyBatsy Member Posts: 10

    I've always just used my left stick for wiggling not having to worry about the right stick. Maybe the L1 and R1 tapping may work better, cause I don't think I could stand doing a clock wise rotation for a wiggle, or maybe pressing a button like square (cause if someone has dead hard and is spamming x continuously it probably trigger it and use it when you don't want to lol.)

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 939

    @Batsy Rotating the stick honestly is easier for me. You don't even have to rotate it that fast.

  • BillHanselmanBillHanselman Member Posts: 6

    you need to struggle for stick wiggling, is it the case?

    Why don't you use keyboard?

  • BatsyBatsy Member Posts: 10

    @Saint_Ukraine it might be because I have small hands 😂

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 939

    @BillHanselman I play on console, that's why.

    @Batsy Yeah, that may be the issue.

  • ceridwen309ceridwen309 Member Posts: 497

    I was always confused by the left-right analog stick notification. When rotating the stick has always felt more natural...and works just fine. It's not like doing the action faster achieves greater result or anything.

    Hopefully that will be a quality of life fix in the future. (That could be a question you could ask when they do a Q and A next time.)

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