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"Wiggle" Bug

jobascojobasco Member Posts: 32

After failing a Ruin skill check, I had the wiggle interface on my screen for the rest of the game.


  • JaysonHellJaysonHell Member Posts: 3

    I had a similiar issue! Except it was there from the start of the game and whenever I pressed A or D it would make my character stop moving. I thought maybe getting picked up by the killer would fix it, but it did not. It made chases very difficult.

  • foxofthestarsfoxofthestars Member Posts: 135

    This is also on Xbox. I just made a post about it lol

    Unfortunately for me though I can't even move when this happens.

  • madissynmadissyn Member Posts: 1

    This just happened to me too. Pressing A or D makes you stop running... very annoying

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