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Multiple Spirit Bugs

vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 381
edited March 2019 in PC

Currently the Spirit is suffering from multiple bugs as of the live version (2.6.0).

These bugs are as followed ;

1 : Your cooldown is totally reset when stunned by a pallet. If you get stunned by a pallet while in a normal chase your bar gets reset causing you to have to wait even more to use it again.

To reproduce this, simply get stunned by a pallet as the Spirit (this is also apparently the case for Legion)

2 : You get blasted with several incredibly loud glass sounds when you start your phase and will occasionally still hear glass while using your power. Survivors can also hear this glass giving your phase walk away

To reproduce this, simply charge up your power and you will be immediately blasted with these sounds. These sounds also occur when you vault a window.

3 : Footstep sounds are incredibly low, though this is not a Spirit but it's a very hindering bug to Spirit and to some lesser extent, every other killer. Footsteps are not as loud as they were, it also appears that several other sounds are really low such as the end-game results screen.

As of currently I cannot make a video tonight but I can provide one later on if needed.

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