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All you need to know - 3.7.0 PTB Mid-Chapter


First of all I want to thank all developers for hearing Killer's Community, Decisive Strike was a pain, this change will be be a huge change in the history of dead by daylight, due now I can tunnel the same guy and let him/her in the ground just for 60 sec searching for other survivors nearby or if I got any kind of Mori, just mori them and get rid of the one using decisive strike, I am so happy!! Now I can get the achievement of killing 4 survivors in the same match by my hands ("Blood on your face" hidden achievement), also as a great user of "Make your choice" perk I will be able to get 2 survivors on the ground :D this will me allow to kill the savior and the poor guy with decisive strike! (considering the 60 sec of DS usage after the chase will be gone) I will be able to carry both survivors without any problem! This is not a nerf of Decisive Strike, also this is not a Disinfection of Toxic Survivors using D-Strike this is the change we needed this is a Sterilization of People using Decisive Strike!!! Thank you!!

PS: If killers kept tunneling people affected with borrowed time effect, why not tunneling the same guy with decisive if after 60 sec (via chase or letting them in the ground) the perk is useless? Also good survivors do not get caught during those 60 seconds so is useless anyways.. :D

and sorry for my english, have a nice day!


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