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Shadow Nerf to Spirit?

MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 1,425

I was just playing a round as Spirit to farm bloodpoints for Plague and I get stunned with a pallet twice and each time I did it took down the charge on my power a significant amount. I don’g know if this was in the patch notes or if it is a bug. I don’t think it is a bug because they also added a few extra glass breaking sound effects when starting to phase walk and vaulting over a window. I don’t see why it’s needed to make the charge on her power go down when stunned.


  • Seamus_McKrakenSeamus_McKraken Member Posts: 2

    Yeah I noticed something like this earlier only there wasn't any kind of visual notification, the power just wouldn't charge for a while. It's pretty crippling actually; 110% speed, not being able to use your powers and it screws over her own Spirit Fury perk.

    Imagine if Huntress dropped all her hatchets on a stun or you couldn't chainsaw after one, this isn't a fair change to Spirit's mechanics (if it's intended, there's no patch notes for this as far as I can see)

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 1,425

    All three of the recent killers (Spirit, Legion, Plague) are similar in the sense where if they are stunned by a pallet, they lose all their charge on their power. Plague actually lose all of her Corrupted Purge. Spirit can’t phase walk until the bar is fully charged. Legion on the other hand can use up whatever charge they have left on their power. I just don’t find it fair that Spirit and Plague both got the short end of the stick in that ordeal.

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