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Plague's movement speed while holding the power

RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,258

Revert the nerf, please, she is useless now. Revert the "buffs" to her if you like, they are meaningless anyway.


  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423

    I thought if anything they'd buff the infection times on objects and that'd be it, I never thought they'd nerf her the way they did.

    I don't recall anyone complaining about her being OP, Majority of survivor mains I watch said she actually felt balanced and fun to play against. I Just don't understand where this nerf came from.

  • kill_billkill_bill Member Posts: 60

    well, mostly its an indication that the killer is too weak, when a lot of survivor mains say he okay and fun to play against...

  • LoitLoit Member Posts: 61

    She definitely feels weaker now then when watching the PTB testing. From my playtime with her, her chase-ability is sorely lacking now. That drastic slowdown after finishing the Vomit is horrible. You basically slow to a crawl and watch the Survivors vanish into the Fog.

  • RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,258

    Basically they made her [BAD WORD] for no reason, covering her huge nerf with meaningless "buffs".

  • BadMrFrostyBadMrFrosty Member Posts: 645

    Not a fan of the change to her puke. Movement speed is crucial to a killer during the chase, and the second you take it away for any reason barring the most powerful abilities, they're almost guaranteed to be underwhelming or terrible. I don't think it's within BVHR's capacity to learn this, as if they had, they wouldn't keep making the same mistakes (releasing 110% MS killers or building large slows into average powers).

  • RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,258

    That's right.

    On top of it, she gets slowed as hell when she charges the power, now when she holds it and then after she releases the vomit. Those 2 slows were designed to compensate for the ability to walk while holding the power.

    But now? There are too many downsides, too many slows. They should revert the recent nerf, or remove the two slows at the start of the charging and after releasing the vomit.

  • TriglavTriglav Member Posts: 18

    The slows I feel need to be removed because in comparison to The Clown. he can slow you down as a killer, has no penalty to holding his bottle and you can take a good portion of the movement penalty away from reloading bottles with the cork add-on. She needs to be able to walk around and charge it without a penalty to movement because the vomit doesn't do anything by itself until its maxed on the survivor. Leatherface functions better than her too and gets a better result of it when his power is on.

    I understand when she has corrupt purge available this may appear to be broken to some but it's on a short timer and requires sickness to be spread first. How is this killer going to be able to spread sickness if she is constantly being penalized for using her base power? I've also activated this power by accident on a few occasions and it resulted in me losing a chase because the survivor got ahead and hid. Most of the game is honestly spent with vile purge, not corrupt purge. I'd agree with the movement slows if corrupt purge was available more frequently, however, we spend most of our time chasing people and puking on stuff and have very little time to grab from shrines.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,206

    Survivors already managed to avoid the puking with 115% pretty well in the loops, but now...... its a joke.

  • RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,258

    I guess they did not have a "fun" games, because Plague could accidentally kill someone, therefeore she needed a good nerf.

  • RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,258

    Yes, that's right. She is slowed everytime she tries to do something, which is totally unfair considering she can't hold her power as she used to. Hell, even then it was not totally justified to cripple her this way.

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 1,466

    Yeah I was perfectly fine with this nerf for a good few days, now people just loop around an object while I'm trying to chase them with it to get a hit. It's nearly impossible when they do this and you're somewhat forced to not use her power and just be an m1 killer.

  • Eross1bEross1b Member Posts: 58

    You don't have to charge it up all the way. It's fine currently.

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,206

    @blue4zion just derank and have fun there, sadly not all killers are meant to be viable

  • RSBRSB Member Posts: 2,258

    Hey, didn't you have other threads, to say how good and godly you are while playing as X killer, to push your idiotic survivor agenda?

  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959

    On PTB she looked like an upper mid tier killer, maybe even higher.

    She was able to chase people and give them a full spray of vile purge for an almost insta broken effect. Kinda like a delayed chainsaw hit.

    Now you lose to much time chasing while holding the purge to wait for a good position for a full hit. You lose so much time that it is actually slower than just M1ing them 2 times.

    And just give a short burst just for the infection takes waaaaay to long for them to become broken.

    A lot of people complained about the fast healing at the fountains, but the Devs choose to keep THAT, most likely because it benefits survivor, but nerf her speed.

    Now she is lower mid tier, most likely even lower.

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