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Things I liked and Didn’t like about this new Patch.

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I understand that that this topic is a cesspool of controversy, but there’s a lot of things that went right with this patch.

With the introduction of Plague and Jane, I couldn’t be happier. I love the look of Jane, and her voicing is great— her perks are fun to use as well.

Moving onto Plague, I love the theme for Adiris, with the fading beauty theme she has: her design truly impressed me, and the vomiting, disgusted me. Which was the point of it- so it’s a good thing in that tense.

I’m not a big fan of the map per se either, however the main centerpiece of the map (obviously the temple), fits somewhat well. Not all that well, but it’s not that bad.

I also prefer the style of release, namely due to the fact it was a great way to generate hype, and the presentation of the dev stream for this chapter was fantastic. I liked the idea of knowing who/what the survivor or killer was, but when Jane was first unveiled, I truly felt excited.

The emblem changes were good in some means, as they now tell you what you can do better, and helps me further shape my playstyle.

Overall, I feel as if this is similar to the Summer 2018 DLC, as it was a relatively well received release, and the perks were great. I love what the devs have done thus far.

Now, onto the cons. I don’t play much killer, so I won’t be listing much in that aspect.

The ranking systems have been bothersome, more so to my companions rather than myself, however, it feels needed to be said. Although that rank difference has slowly dissipated away, I feel as if it needs to be listed.

Furthermore, I don’t know how I feel about corrupt purge. Not to say I think it needs a nerf, but rather, people seem to fail to address cutting line of sight, however, I get hit even if the vomit didn’t touch me, which is a bit frustrating.

I don’t believe Spirit deserved a shadow nerf either, however, there may be some reason asto why it happened. I just hope she doesn’t drop too low in terms of tiers, because she is one of my favorite killers to play.

The achievements I’m fine with; Adept for each character. I haven’t tried to get either of the adepts, however, it appears as that Adept Jane and Terminal Illness May need to be looked at.

The ranking system change is quite nice, requiring a bit more effort to rank up, but it feels like there’s no point other than teammates on the same skill level. More often than not, the ranking system can be a bit frustrating.

If there is any bias within my post; I apologize in advance, but I’d love to hear about everyone else’s experience with this patch. For the most part for me, it has been satisfactory.

Oh, and please keep this relevant to the patch itself, not the Ash perks found in KYF. Thank you very much.

EDIT: I don’t know how to get rid of this bold.

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