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Anyone else have Stockholm syndrome with this game?

Ahh I really miss young naive me first jumping into this game screaming when a killer jumped out on me... or role-playing as a vicious killer myself, it was pure immersive horror... A few days later you learn what the game really is, a semi competitive sweat fest of flash light spam, teabags, face camping and tunneling. Ahhh the Stockholm syndrome I have with this game is unreal I beg that it release me.

In all seriousness how many times have you guys "quit" or taken a break from dbd and what keeps you coming back. it's pretty plain to see from the amount of complaints on this forum that people aren't happy with the game but yet passionate enough to go online and voice those complaints and continue to sink hours into the game! Why is that?

Ps. No hate on the game just genuinely curious how others feel I personally have had a pretty bad time on the game recently and despite me cursing it out I know I'll come back for more! Maybe we're all just masochist's?


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