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Survivor & Killer Perk Ideas

Robb_StarkRobb_Stark Member Posts: 87
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What do you guys think of the following Perks:

Survivor Perks

Fighting Spirit

While running in a Chase, double press the Secondary Action Button to activate the perk. You can double press it again at any time to deactivate the Perk. If the Perk is active, the moment you get injured by the Killer, you will turn around and strike back, stunning them for 4/4.5/5 seconds. It does not work if the hit puts you into the Dying State.

It can be used as many times as you want. It is not OP since this will cancel the cooldown the Killer would have normally had to suffer and the Survivor is no longer granted the speed boost. It’s useful to confuse the Killer (especially if you have Calm Spirit) and it looks cool. It is affected by Enduring and it is quite useless against Killers who use a Chainsaw; this is why you can always choose when to use it. Just like Decisive Strike, it gives you 500 BP’s in the Boldness Category.


Once per match, when the Killer initiates a Mori, you sweep them off their feet, which results in a 3/4/5 seconds stun giving you time to get up and run. Whenever you stun the Killer, 25/50/75 % of the Bloodpoint gains for the stun are also added to the Survival category.

The second part applies for Pallet stuns as well.

Potent Liberator

Whenever you rescue a Survivor from the Hook, you gain 1 Token. When you are about to be put into the Dying State and have at least 3 Tokens, they are consumed and you withstand the hit. Getting hooked consumes 3/2/1 Tokens.

This Perk comes with quite a high risk. There are 6 unhooks available for each Survivor and then there’s the competition and the risk of getting hooked and loosing 1 Token.

Killer Perks

Planned Assault

You wreck the resources of your victims in advance, rendering them defenceless. You may break up to 2/3/4 upright Pallets. The first Window you vault gets blocked by the Entity for the rest of the Trial.

In order to break an unused Pallet, the Killer has to go next to it and press Spacebar.

Long Lasting Torment

Whenever you hook a Survivor, they are surrounded by the spikes of the Entity, preventing anyone from saving them for 35/40/45 seconds. If a Survivor unhooks themselves while the Perk is active, they will be put into the Dying State.


Your movement speed while not in a Chase is decreased by 6/5/4 %. When a Chase is initiated, you instantly start it with Bloodlust 1 and it cannot go below that stage unless the Survivor escapes.

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  • Robb_StarkRobb_Stark Member Posts: 87

    No one ? πŸ™‚

  • Saint_UkraineSaint_Ukraine Member Posts: 939

    Fighting Spirit- This perk seems fine for the most part, but it shouldn't have to be activated manually, in my opinion.

    Self Defence- Good luck sweeping large killers off of their feet. How're you going to do it to Myers? He picks the survivor up off of the ground! I don't think that you should be able to counter mori's, but if you want to waste a perk-slot for a maybe-they-have-a-mori-offering-or-Devour-Hope situation, then you can go for it.

    Potent Liberator- I don't know if you've heard, but there's this perk called Mettle of Men..

    Planned Assault- Absolutely not. Negating the survivor's ability to ever even get a chance to use a pallet would be OP. I also don't think that a killer should have the ability to permanently block a window. That would make maps like the Game impossible.

    Long Lasting Torment- A perk that face-camps for you? Wow, just what we all need.

    Momentum- I don't even know about this one. I'm not sure it would be worth it if your generator patrolling is going to be slow asf.

  • Robb_StarkRobb_Stark Member Posts: 87

    Self-Defence might as well be a kick in the groin.🀣 Since when has this game become realistic anyway ?Sweeping Myers of his feet should be possible. It's not only for the Mori either. ANY STUN (Pallet Stun, Decisive Strike or any other Perk) will give you points in the Survival category as well: For example if you Stun the Killer with Decisive Strike you get those 500 BPS in the Boldness Category AND 25/50/75 % of these 500 points will also be added to the Survival Category; in this case 125 for tier I, 250 for tier II or 375 for tier III.

    Fighting Spirit can be activated/ deactivated manually in case the KIller has Enduring or if you want to take the Killer by surprise at a specific time. If he has Enduring this Perk will only get you downed. It's not a powerful perk (high risk- high reward) so you should only be punished because of it once if anything (the first time the Killer cancels the stun thanks to Enduring; from that moment on you'll know not to punch the Killer again during the matchπŸ˜€)

    I've just seen that Mettle of Men Perk. It's pretty bad: your Aura will get revealed to the Killer and it triggers too often (every 4th hit and everyone can use it). I hate the feeling that I will have to deal with a major drawback because of it. It's better to make it harder to activate the Perk (in case of Potent Liberator- 3 unhooks and it only works once) but it will not have consequences.

    I suppose you are a Killer main. How can you not like Planned Assault ?! Especially since most Killers complain about looping. I main Survivor and I wouldn't mind at all if a Perk like Planned Assault were added (too many cocky teammates).

    Long Lasting Torment only gives the Survivors less time to react (15 seconds before the hooked survivor reaches the next stage). It's good for pressure.

    As far as Momentum is concerned, well, Chases have always been more troublesome than patrolling haven't they ?🀣

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