Losing my entire progress everyday / UAE / Etisalat / Save Error 300

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So am from the UAE, apparently there an issue with the UAE Internet and the Auto Save Protocol DBD have

So after finishing the game what do you get ?

Save Icon never going away

Then finally you get Save Error 300

to login again and find your progress for the match is gone

I have contacted both Etisalat "our internet service provider" and DBD tech support, which informed me they are aware of the issue and working on it! but for how long? it has been more than 3 months already with this issue!

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  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    The Story again

    The Error

    The Restart

    The Loss of Bloodpoints and Progress

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    And again

    And now I stop playing until I try again

    will keep you all entertained with my lovely useless daily games (:

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Here we go again (:

    am gonna remain on 50k for the day (:

    Bloodpoints and Items gained, gone

    playing the entire day with no +1 bloodpoint (:

    I love DBD (:

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    Just created a support ticket with the below msg

    Lets see if anyone to answer

    Dear Team, 

    I know you are aware of the situation of UAE and Etisalat Auto Save Error 300 issue and investigating it

    Just to give you an Idea, Etisalat has a Proxy server, everything has to go through the servers

    They block Sexual content, Political debate and Religious debates from public

    Also one of the major things they have blocked here is Skype Calls, WhatsApp and Facebook calls

    Now I don't see a reason why they would have your Auto Save Protocol Blocked

    However every time I use Proxy server the game is working fine but of course slow

    Now, this is the website Etisalat have for the public to report blocking/unblocking of certain content


    You could please check which Protocol, IP, Website Or Server Database your DBD Auto Save connect to

    and Report it to Etisalat for them to Unblock it and that most likely will resolve the issue

    I have contacted them, but the issue is I don't know where does your Auto Save Database IP address to Report it

    It has been months with this issue for PC and PS4 players and no one working on it!

    Thanks for your time,

    Hope you will resolve this ASAP


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    This looks frustrating. I hope they will resolve that issue as soon as possible.

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Haha, you have no idea (:

    Thanks for your wishes, lets see, am gonna be posting each game I play until some one gets back to me with a fix!

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Good news, 1 Game without save Error :D

    am on 61k now, lets see for how long

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Back at it (:

    Stay Tunned (:

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Save Error again, but this time I got to keep my progress

    74k BP finally managed to keep 24k BP in 8 games played

    Amazing :D

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Survived 1 more

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Story of my life

    and its gone (:

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    Wow, I would love to have the pacience you do, really. It only happened to me 1 time so far, last week if I'm not mistake. Have you tried playing killer? Because it happened to me as a survivor and it seems like is a survivor issue. Good luck on the fog though.

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 28

    Its the same buddy, sometimes you dont even have to play anything and as soon as you open the game you see the save icon not going away and you get a save error

    I avoid the issue using proxy server, but my proxy havent been working for last couple of days, so here I am (:

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    Guys I have the same problem. In fact it got even worse. Now the game doesn't even open. It just says "Steam is offline, make sure you're online and try again". I tried other games like CS:GO and it worked fine, so now I'm definitely sure the problem is with Dead By Daylight. I bought the game recently and it sucks that I can't even play it anymore. It's bad enough I had to go through a lot of save error matches and sudden disconnections, and now I have this. Will the devs ever fix this?

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    do you live in the UAE bro? use proxy server thats the only way

    Etisalat some times have issue with the proxy server, so some times you will have to restart your router, and try the proxy if is working, if not working, then restart again and again until you get a public IP on your router from Etisalat that allows proxy server

    thats the proxy am using

  • laplacelaplace Member Posts: 20

    Thanks so much. I restarted the router a couple times until it finally worked.

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