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New Addons (Survivors)

lionsoulionsou Member Posts: 61
edited June 2018 in Feedback and Suggestions

Alright, so looking through the addons, there isn't a lot. for certain items
- Toolbox - 11 addons
- Keys - 8 addons
- Maps - 9 addons
- Flashlights - 13 addons
- Med kit - 13 addons
There isn't much variety and so there could be more addons that affect the game in different ways, for example
- Uncommon Addon - Sabotage for dummies book, increase efficiency when sabotaging
- Rare Addon - Big book of Wounds, Tremendously increase healing speed and slightly decrease consumption rate.
The problem I'm having is, killers have over a page of addons. yes they only have there power but there is a vast variation to Tamper with the game.


  • mschumi2005mschumi2005 Member Posts: 11

    It would be nice to see some new addons! For flashlights, except batteries and low filament all are useless. Would be even nicer to see some new items rather than addons!

  • S0ckenSchussS0ckenSchuss Member Posts: 110
    I think it would bei great to have a "Tank" perk. (or medikit addon maybe) So the surv who has it, can be get hit a third time until He falls down to the ground. Or it can be activated to catch a Hit from killer that is for a mate next to you. Maybe If the Tank unhooks a mate and the killer will appear when both of them are still together. So the Tank can jump into Killers Hit. Its a nice possibility to counter tunneling. Just an idea.

    So long, See you below the hatch.
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