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[HELP] please help i got banned because Anti cheat issue

this is my first problem start on 16/2/2019

I report to Dev on case ID : 290091

i cant' run my game because i got this error after update


easy anti cheat Error 30007

i seach google on Error 30007 code and do as manaul but it won't help

now i can't access game with this computer please help !!

(But can play with other computer)


Right now : My id got banned because anti cheat stuff

i decide to open new case on Case id : 299258

last month ago i have problem with Anticheat (Case ID : 290091) Problem is not solved yet

but today i got banned because anticheat , i do nothing , i don't have cheat program on my account

please help

my steam id : timelimiter

my player id : c223d330-ec2d-11e6-9878-a7ca3ae254d4


PS Pleaase help i 'm not use cheat program T___T

I can't play game for 8 day right now , dead by daylight are my favourite game T_T


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