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SWF vs. SWF tournament this Saturday - over $1000 in prizes! Come play! <3

RoryDiesALotRoryDiesALot Member Posts: 34
edited March 2019 in Tournaments

Hey, all! The Chillbillies are hosting another tournament. This time, we're leaving it up to the Entity to provide us with completely random killers. That's right, it's a SWF tournament! Teams (limit 12) will compete in 10 trials for the most total escapes, with double points being awarded for those bold enough to play with either No Mither, or no perks at all. We were so excited about this, that we kind of went crazy with prizes... Everybody who participates will win a game code, with the highest scoring teams choosing from games that are worth $21 - $60. All participants will also win some custom art, and karma points.

To register your team or to look at the prizes, visit the tournament sign-up page at https://www.rorydiesalot.com/tournament. If you'd like to participate but you don't have your own team, please check out the #looking-for-team channel on our Discord (https://discord.gg/vRE2WwP) and make some new friends!

See you all in the fog! <3

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