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Reverse Bear Trap...

MinusTheBillieMinusTheBillie Member Posts: 346
I've had two games now where the reverse bear trap has done some odd things...

1. Had a trap on and got it off first try. MUCH later in the game.. like 4 generators later, I go to read my map and my head pops and kills me, as if I had a trap on.

2. The pig goes to put a trap on me, but I can't see it. I've got the symbol on my name, but no trap. Generators go off and I don't get a timer. I'm out and about for a long while and get my invisible mask off after the point I should have died if I really had one on. Keep playing and get downed again. The pig puts a trap on my head and it goes off instantly while I'm on the ground, killing me.

Must be a little buggy. Anyone else experience this trap weirdness? 

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