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Killers, what was your most wholesome experience?

WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118

Like getting compliments, having just a genuinely fun game; things that made you chuckle, etc.



  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,732

    Was playing Billy boi because I had a challenge to do. After several misses and the three hits required later, I let the survivors do gens.

    After all gens were completed I wondered why they didn't leave. When I went to look they were staring at a hook and pointing. I knocked them down and hooked them, and allowed them to go free.

    This was last year during the Howling Grounds Event. I got the tokens I needed for the Huntress mask due to that match.

  • AcesthetiicAcesthetiic Member Posts: 1,077

    It makes me smile when people tell me I'm the best/ most skilled killer they've ever faced. Usually only when I give them hatch, but still (:

  • ImAGirlImAGirl Member Posts: 149

    When I face camped teabaggers.

  • KagrenacKagrenac Member Posts: 773

    I was trying to be a farming legion and I ran toward an Adam with Feral Frenzy, I didn't hit him or anything I just stuck to his back and in the middle of the chase he just stops and slowly turns to look at me then nods his head

    We went around and farmed. It was so fun.

  • captainlongshlongcaptainlongshlong Member Posts: 86

    The one and only time I wasn’t messaged post game and told to either kill myself, suck a dick or delete the game.

    That was a good day.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    I had a spirit game. I already got 2 survivors killed and was in a 3 gen situation. However there was this one Nea who kept not being where I thought they were going to be whenever I phased. After the 3rd time this happened I figured she was just turning around when I phased. So next time I found her and ran into the Killer shack I just stopped moving and watched her run right into me

  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,200

    When a beginner SWF thanked me for the game, congratulated me on my win and asked for some advice. (I was expecting the usual shitshow, ya know....)

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,139

    A survivor from a SWF complimented my trap placement as Trapper.

  • NickNick Member Posts: 830

    Waiting in a killer lobby for 23 minutes probably

  • PiiFreePiiFree Member Posts: 1,149
    edited March 2019

    When the streamer from the _UK with a weird moustache checked out my Steam profile after I 4k him & his team and he quite literally said:

    "Ohh a swiss guy, I thought swiss guys are chill! ...and he is absolutely beautiful, you guys have to check him out! The comment section is full of Survivors complaining about his playstyles!"

    Followed by a storm of fanboys insulting me and leaving random comments on my profile.

    I felt really proud, triggering a manchild to the point where they actually insult me personally on stream :)

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,911

    When someone told me I'm the most annoying freddy to deal with

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,165

    I was playing Leatherface and hooked 2 survivors in the basement (no basement build). One of the other survivors rushed to the basement even though I was chasing him. I let him enter the basement as I wanted to enjoy what was coming next.

    So he unhooked them and all 3 of them started tbagging me on the stairs.

    I downed ALL OF THEM with one single chainsaw attack. Must have been one of the most satisfying experiences I've made in dbd (so far).

  • SupernautSupernaut Member Posts: 1,372

    I had Tinkerer go off in the gas station as Leather face.

    I waited outside as the shutters went up with 0 terror radius and powered up the Chainsaw!

  • Tzeentchling9Tzeentchling9 Member Posts: 1,796

    Seeing no SWF in my lobby.

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    When I drop the last survivor close to the hatch, let them crawl a couple of seconds and then mori them :-D

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297

    I saw a game once with no tbags or flashlight flicks, i swear.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    Not hearing the Obsession sound at the start of the match every now and then.

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,334

    Recently went to play as Hag. Only 3 load in I go to play and intend to go easy on em. Immediately a person DCs,,I switch to farm mode and first person I see I down em and take em to a Gen. They wiggle off and work the Gen...Ruin is active and they potato. So I down em and intend to take em to the Totem...they DC after I pick em up.

    The last Survivor cleanses Ruin after and I find em and try one last time to get SOME kind of points...they fully understand and start working the Gens. Now comes the wholesome part.

    Since I cant get Hook points the Survivor starts using the "come here" emote and Beckons me to all the Pallets on the map. She knew exactly where all were and it was so endearing her lil "come this way Miss Killer" after each Pallet I broke. Made me chuckle

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    Had a group of assumed swf (just friends, not seals) playing about, obviously not super great. Hooked everyone once and when I realized it was going extremely poorly for then I asked if they had a key. One person responded, found in a chest, and I told them to finish gens and take the hatch trophy. They were hesitant but finally came over to it.

    I'd made like 20 or 30k bp anyway, and I know how hard it can be to get that one. What's another 10k bp when I may have just made someones day.

  • vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 381

    Walking a Dwight to the exit gate while their teammate was dying on the hook. (No seriously, a meg farmed him right infront of me while I was chasing them, they deserved to die on that hook)

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    About 7 months ago I was playing Myers on the Haddon Field map against 2 solo players and 1 SWF team of 2. The SWF team were both playing Ace with the detective hat "meme" scheme going on. During the match I stomped the whole group having only 2 gens done by the time I killed the 2 solos and had both Ace's on their last hook. I found the two Ace players running into the basement for a fun game of "locker roulette" and played a few rounds. I would open a locker and if no one was in it I'd step out and they would swap places, I'd go back down, rinse & repeat until someone was grabbed out. Instead of killing the final survivor who won the locker roulette I got him to follow me to the hatch. After the match they both sent me a message saying thanks for being a good sport and playing along. Those two Ace players and myself have been good PS4 friends ever since and we often play most of our games together now.

    Honestly I try to send a GG or mention a funny moment from every match to ever killer I face or survivor who gave me a run around. If the game had me feeling "sour" I just don't say anything.

  • GamzelloGamzello Member Posts: 828

    I’ve only gotten like 3 compliments ever in this entire game while playing killer on PS4.

    1) Someone had complimented my Spirit skills and outfit

    2) I let someone go because 3 other people disconnected with 5 gens and I just couldn’t kill the last person because I understand the frustrations of dcing. They kept asking me if I wanted them to be dead on the hook so they can get points but I kept declining.

    3) I’m one of those rare Trappers and someone had complimented my Trapper.

    I always get super soft whenever anyone compliments me overall so it always makes my day!! 💕💕

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    When the game first came out on PS4 I use to get a ton of killers who would let me get hatch simply because in a prior game I had given them a GG or a nice message. Haha making friends can save lives.

  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747

    1.) Someone called me a good nurse (on console too!l

    2.) When I was very new I played trapper and went against some people who were swf except one was rank 18 so it was three rank 1-2's and a rank 18 vs me a rank 19 killer. They plowed through the gens and did the exit gates then instead of teabagging and leaving they stayed and tried to 360 me until they got downed and they all let me kill them. They messaged me and said gg.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 5,873

    Once, I got absolutely no salt for a game that was completely unfair to the survivors because one guy DC'd and I slugged the rest. It made me really appreciate them, I was nurse BTW.

    This isn't naming and shaming right? Because there's no shame in me complimenting them?

  • scojerscojer Member Posts: 38

    Last night I played as The Plague and did poorly. One survivor was left and quick entered a locker in the basement. I grabbed him and instead of hooking him (I assume they felt bad and wanted me to hook them) I carried them to the hatch and let them go. ANother player that was watching messaged me saying it was nice of me to let them go. I don't want pity kills!

  • GamzelloGamzello Member Posts: 828


    That is actually super sweet of that survivor omg. To make a killer feel better yet in the end you just let them go. That’s nice man. Hope your games go better!!

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,183

    One evening I was playing pig and I noticed the game was going slow (wasn't running Ruin). The game was going well, 2 dead on hook and I was chasing the injured 3rd. Idk how but they managed to get on a spot on the hill that I couldn't get to and they started healing. I would try and hit them and it would bounce off the rock or I would fall off the hill. I thought it was a neat trick and I just watched them heal up lol

    After they healed they started pointing off into the distance. It then dawned on me that I hadn't seen the 4th person all match. I nodded I understood and they ended up leading me to hatched... where the 4th survivor was sitting.

    I main survivor and nothing is more annoying then teamates that do nothing but sit on hatch. Together me and my unexpected friend took down the 4th person. Slightly shamed to say we teabagged them and then and they dc...

    Of course I let my new pal escape.

    Don't be a useless potato! Help you teammates out.

  • DarkWo1f997DarkWo1f997 Member Posts: 1,532
    edited March 2019

    When I messaged someone notifying them that I am granting them hatch

    then they said they wouldn’t leave unless I gave them a kiss lol.

    Post edited by DarkWo1f997 on
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