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Matchmaking Update

PatriciaPatricia Dev, Community Manager Posts: 289

People of the Fog,

On March 24th, following a 2 week test, we decided to turn off the new matchmaking system.

The quantitative and qualitative feedback gathered during this period is essential to understand how the new system reacts in the live environment.

Our top priority is to reduce the high latency / ping some players were faced with when matched with other players across the globe.

Today’s matchmaking update restructures how we manage player queues.

We will be separating the matchmaking queues in three regions : AMERICA, EMEA, APAC.

This will ensure that players are also matched based on geolocation and should improve the overall network connection between players.

This update is not definitive and we are actively working on improving the system.

Our second priority is to reduce ranking disparity that seemed to have increased with the new matchmaking system.

This will be done in a future update.

For now, we will be monitoring the results and will keep you updated.

Note that we might decide to revert back to the previous system if results are not satisfactory.

Thank you for your patience,

The Dead by Daylight team

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