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Deranking because of teammate dc's.

With the new match making system and the new ranking requirements it's already hard enough to stay at the rank I normally am. Now the problem is the massive amounts of DC's that are happening. I just got out of a match where 1 dced once the first survivor went down and another dced the moment he went down. That left 5 gens with 2 players vs the killer. An no the killer didn't care and killed us anyway. Me and the survivor both deranked while the killer stayed the same. Something has to give. Survivors shouldn't be punished for other people just giving up. Its hard enough to play this game now.

What do you guys think should be done about all this because what we have no is not that answer. 15+ minute waits for 2 v 1's and deranking.


  • ShirtlessDwightShirtlessDwight Member Posts: 194

    That's the same as deranking because your team mates don't do gens or are rank 15s summoning the killer to you.

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