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Lore Theory.

WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,158

Okay— look, I love lore. But something has been bothering me. There’s something about Shattered Bloodline and The Hallowed Blight’s events that just… add up. Referring to the wiki, one may notice that Adam, Jeff, and Jane don’t have any journal entries, same with the killers from the chapters said survivors came out with.

But what’s bothering me is that it all cut off after the release of Hallowed Blight. Not only that, but the perspective of the Hallowed Blight’s journal entries, otherwise, not Vigo, leads me to believe that Benedict Baker, Like his entry on the thirty first, has been found by the entity. This may be taken in one of two ways.

One, Benedict has fallen to the void. Two, the cloaked figure in the ending trailer of Benedict, who was converted to a killer. With the continual lack of journal entry on both ends— it makes sense, but I may be over speculating. And Benedict’s fall, happened within the release of Adam, hence, the lack of an entry. Also, the concept of time, in the game itself isn’t relatively clear. Namely due to the fact, despite the events, this is the only event that has used an actual month.

With Vigo’s disappearance, it leads me to believe that Vigo escaped whatever Benedict was facing, or was killed in the process. But the question is— did Vigo return to the campfire? What if Vigo is near the campfire? How far can one go from said campfire before finding it again?

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