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DEVS did you lost your minds???

DwightsLifeMattersDwightsLifeMatters Member Posts: 1,662
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Someone played red forest mothers Dwelling today? They completely [BAD WORD] that map, it has now so many save loops, jungle gyms and save pallets. I thought the Plague map is already pallet heaven but this put it to new level!! I versed a 3v1 on that map and usually 3v1 are ez af, no big deal. But this time I had the struggle of my live. They weren't even swf, just decent solos. One pallet next to another, Spirit fury did [BAD WORD].

Devs, do you need some medical help? What in tarnation you thought while changing it? Red forest was already one of the strong survivor maps. The [BAD WORD] you think any killer has a chance against 4 survivors on that map unless he's Nurse?

I'm tilted and angry af right now, I was never so annoyed and disgusted by the devs like this for a long time. You clearly have 0 plan how to balance this game. You failed in my eyes, you are not competent enough for this job.

Rant end.

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