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SWF story

MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,205

So as I said, I ditched killer and become a survivor main now.

4 man SWF, first game..... a shame that our mate is stuck in infinte loading screen (thx bhvr)

Well gonna try anyway...... its a plague lul. Looping her for 2 gens before she suddenly teleports into me (mhm maybe a laggspike, [BAD WORD] happens), thanks for crippling her movement speed btw, its amazing.

game continues blabla, weird that those laggspikes happen again during chase mhm.... well 2nd time on hook, my mates have done 3 gens already. Now she is chasing one of my mates, apparently trying to laggswitch again and breaks the connection. Haha wp

Plague could need some nerfs though, the corrupted puke is really OP šŸ˜‰ How about increasing the charge time for the corrupted puke?


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