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Massive resource issue

Sn0wJobSn0wJob Member Posts: 247

For almost a solid month now, launching DBD has been almost impossible for me.

The game is consuming all my system resoucrces where previously it did not, It's eating up 90% of my GPU, almost 2 gigs of ram and %60 of my CPU.

I used to be able to stream the game, now I literally cannot stream dead by daylight

I also have frame drops, where before I was getting 90fps my game is struggling to maintain 50-60fps.

I'm on PC and I have a Ryzen 3 CPU, A radeon RX 550 GPU and 8 Gigs of Ram.

I have my settings on LOW and my render scale set to 0%.

Please help me, I literally cannot play this game for fear it's going to tax my hardware into oblivion.

Also don't tell me to dust out my PC case or update my drivers, I already did that.

I've also deleted DBD and reinstalled it and verified my files

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