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New mode - The Maze

This mode would take place in Springwood. As you can tell from the title, it would be a huge hedge maze that would be generated differently everytime. The survivors would spawn with Pig's RBTs on their head, once they step into the maze, the timer would start. They would have a limited amount of time to get out of the maze before their head goes boom.

Survivors: 5

Killers: No killers.

Goal: Get out of the maze as fast as you can with ticking RBT on your head.

Perks: Lithe only.

Exhaustion: would recover while running, Tier 3 Lithe would have a 120 second cooldown.

Chests - friend or foe: If a survivor searches a chest, there is a chance that their exhaustion cooldown will be reduced to 0, or they will loot the Entity and that would block all pallets / windows from being vaulted for 30/60/90 seconds (this would increase everytime survivors would loot this)

Entity Block: The Entity randomly blocks a few pallets / windows for 15 seconds.

Bear Traps: The Trapper has scattered bear traps all around the maze. The chance of escaping a bear trap is 25%.

Carter's Spark: The Doctor has unleashed his electric shocks. An electric shock will spawn near the survivor every 40 seconds. If you reach Madness 3, you will be unable to vault windows / pallets.

Vile Purge: The Plague has infected the maze. A pallet or a window will become infected every 35 seconds. If you get fully infected, the cooldown of Lithe will be increased by 100%. This can be cured with Pools of Devotion, however, if you cleanse, Vile Purge becomes Corrupt Purge for 120 seconds. Touching a pallet or a window with Corrupt Purge active, will lower your health state, if it's infected with Corrupt Purge.

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