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Seriously, I'm getting like a majority of my maps at the coldwind farms.

BHVR, please return farm maps to normal priority.


  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,840
    edited April 2019

    At least it’s not Haddonfield. That map still has infinites. It needs to be reworked ASAP. The map offerings should be removed temporarily until it gets fixed. That’s how much I [BAD WORD] hate it.

  • DwightsLifeMattersDwightsLifeMatters Member Posts: 1,649

    Just adapt and play Billy (sprit fury + enduring required) or play survivor. There is really nothing else I can suggest you besides the obvious to use map offerings. That's the only way I can dominate constantly.

  • DwightsLifeMattersDwightsLifeMatters Member Posts: 1,649
    edited April 2019

    Ooof I played recently against a Billy on that map. I hadn't even balanced landing and as soon as I saw in the strode house that the window next to the basement entrance is open I was "alright someone in this round will have a really bad time"

    I think I run that Billy for around 3 minutes abusing that building + using 1 or 2 pallets around that house. At the end he couldn't kill anyone and felt so bad abusing it that I run to him so he can sacrifice me on a hook. He didn't accept that and dropped me at the exit gate tho.

    But seriously, if I could do that without balanced, guess how impossible it is against a survivor who has balanced landing. Imagine 4 man swf all BL using that map offering. Absolute madness.

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